AskPorter's Pioneers Program Increases Client Support

By StartUp City | Monday, March 23, 2020

FREMONT, CA: Toward the end of 2018, AskPorter had been all over the news with its declaration about Google Assistant making a noteworthy venture into its company. The company had set out to construct an AI-powered property maintenance Chatbot. Since AskPorter’s business development program, it has been focusing on expanding vertically and sideways to automate every element of property management, end to end.

AskPorter has a dual goal―automating of repetitive tasks for agents and, providing assistance on property management supervision―to achieve. The precise application of its resources will help the enterprise to develop machine learning (ML) capabilities off the back of the data logs. The data collection process was boosted by Adiuvo, a maintenance services provider which is among AskPorter’s first investors. Adiuvo’s shared standardized maintenance data helped AskPorter to train its ML capabilities.

AskPorter’s nucleus maintenance product is currently live, and researches are being conducted for developing it further. The development program is taking place hand in hand with the company’s target clients, which has been only possible due to the Porter Pioneers program. The Porter Pioneers are fifteen foremost real estate companies, spread across the commercial, residential, and specialist sectors. Of these, Warwick Estates, F%ur, Let-Leeds, POD, and Wisag are now actively using the AskPorter platform. For the next six months, each of the Porter Pioneers will have their platform customized to their standards. The goal is to convey a customized workflow that is client-specific and sector-oriented.

The program has been rendered in three phases. In the first stage, the focus is to ‘learn and discover’ key insights into the organizations’ operations and the key performance indicators (KPIs). The second stage, ‘build and refine’, will comprise product development with regular client touch-points, as well as deployment to focus groups with user feedback.  And at the final stage, the organization will ‘deploy and test’ the platform to each partner, which will be tracked by a thorough review and final tweaks to achieve a long-term collaboration.

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