Arensis Raises $17 Million in Debt Funding

By StartUp City | Friday, October 05, 2018

Arensis, a Los Angeles, a CA-based international provider of distributed energy systems, received $17m in debt funding from Hadrian’s Wall Secured Investments Limited (HWSIL), a London Stock Exchange-listed fund.

The company will use the funds for loan refinancing and complete the integration of 52 Entrade units into the pellet production facilities and renewable energy facilities in the UK, expanding its growth and global operations.

Led by CEO Julien Uhlig, Arensis provides a decentralized hardware/software IOT based microgrid solution, converting local organic and inorganic biomass waste into renewable energy 24/7. In the last 12 months, the company purchased two underperforming UK wood pellet production facilities, turning each of the plant operations around by installing its biomass-to-energy technology.

In addition to target customers including electricity generation facilities, manufacturing facilities, agriculture and food processing plants, automotive manufacturers and EV charging stations, local farming communities, data centers, and commercial and residential buildings, Arensis provides energy access to remote regions and rural areas currently without grid access to electricity or natural gas. Additionally, the company is bringing relief support to those most impacted by climate change via decentralized energy units which offer an off-grid disaster relief solution when the electrical grid goes down in a natural disaster.

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