Answer Bots have Made their Way into Automating Customer Support, Intelligent Query Processing is No More a Fiction!

By StartUp City | Thursday, March 26, 2020

Sergei Burk

Imagine having an answer bot that can answer all your questions, and with the introduction of smart Answer Bot solution, businesses can automate customer support, along with ensuring precision.  

FREMONT, CA: "With up to 90% precision, Alterra Answer Bot is the most accurate question answering bot on the market. The bot finds answers by meaning, not just keywords. When customers ask a question, Alterra Answer Bot uses Deep Learning to understand the meaning of the question and instantly matches it to the right answer in the knowledge base," said Sergei Burkov, Ph.D. Founder & CEO,, company that facilitates deep learning develops virtual assistant, Alterra Answer Bot, which is now available in Zendesk Marketplace.

Alterra Answer Bot stands as the most accurate question answering bot in the market with up to at least 90 percent precision. The bot finds answers by meaning, and when users ask a question; this answer bot uses deep learning to understand the meaning of the problem and immediately matches it to the correct answer in the knowledge base. Within Zendesk platform, businesses can use Alterra Answer Bot right there. The virtual consumer assistant can resolve support tickets autonomously or work in tandem with human agents. It will suggest answers in a widget on the agents' desktop and helping them to solve more tickets faster. It is easier for Zendesk customers to train their answer bots. Alterra Answer Bot pulls the necessary information from the Zendesk Knowledge and transforms it into an intelligent question answering bot.

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"Precise answers in almost real-time is what today's consumers expect when they interact with brands. We've built Alterra Answer Bot to help companies meet these expectations without a radical increase in headcount in the customer service department." Burkov continued. "Alterra Answer Bot helps companies drive customer satisfaction thanks to shorter time to resolution. Moreover, the bot can work autonomously even when the human workforce is offline, helping businesses stay connected with customers 24/7. On average, Alterra Answer Bot instantly resolves 20% of support tickets, which is about four times more than other bots."

Alterra, headed by three ex-Googlers, is a natural language processing startup that develops intelligent virtual assistants for consumer engagement and assistance. These virtual reps can greet visitants, answer customer questions, qualify leads, and resolve support tickets.    

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