Announcing by Talkdesk, A Conversational Assistant

By StartUp City | Wednesday, May 22, 2019

FREMONT, CA : Talkdesk is a cloud contact center for innovative enterprises that has announced the release of a personalized conversational assistant, Talkdesk Agent Assist, which proactively supports agents, enabling excellence in customer experience, and minimal agent effort. The agent assist provides contact centers with a designed tool to minimize the agent effort, improve the quality, and reduce costs by curbing search and data entry tasks via Talkdesk iQ, in-house AI capabilities.

The Talkdesk iQ native AI powers Talkdesk Agent Assist and acts as a pivotal enabler of all the company’s products, embarking real-time guidance for front-line employees to respond to customer needs accurately and speedily. It provides the agents with answers or information which supports the answers by the agent assist tool, immediately after the customer states their needs expediting the conversation and simplifying the tasks. Talkdesk Agent Assist smartly locates the information from a customer relationship management software as suggested action in real-time, bringing about a significant reduction in the duration of handling and enhancing the customer experience. The information collected with every transaction can be automatically added to the database.

The provision of the next best actions to the agents in real-time eliminates the burden of tedious data entry and supports them in focusing on the customer, instead of worrying about their actions. Agent Assist is a game-changer for the reduction of agent and customer effort while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Talkdesk Agent Assist is the third product launched this year by the company, which is demonstrating the commitment to lead through innovation. Talkdesk believes in the newly launched intelligent advisory tool, which supplies data-driven, real-time recommendations. Unlike third-party technology, the target of the advisory tool is to determine efficient actions to be performed, use automation to support agents in interacting with customers, and guide them to a quality outcome.

The Talkdesk Agent Assist tool is built natively with a fully unified interface while storing all data internally and protecting from third-party sharing. It provides the outdated and fractured information in repositories of third data analytics and AI technology, who manually conduct data-entry, which are repetitive and inaccurate. With the Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center, the customer service providers are armed with a sidekick that is dedicated to data security and pushing the industry forward.

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