Ampere Scientific: Changing the Metal Processing with Disruptive Technology

By StartUp City | Monday, October 05, 2020

With its exceptional built-in technology, VARmetric revolutionizes the world with its outstanding features.

FREMONT, CA: Ampere Scientific, a five-year-old startup from Oregon, introduced VARmetric, an MRI- type scanning machine built for the Remelting Furnace System, that can precisely identify flaws in real-time for metals such as nickel and titanium, making the end product safer.

VARmetric works by monitoring all existing process measurements along with arc distribution and motion, by providing necessary feedbacks to improve process control, leading to defect reduction, increase yield lower cost and greater reliability.

Measures automatically identify undesirable conditions such as arching and asymmetrical arch distribution by giving warnings or takes measurements to avoid these conditions.

According to Paul King, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ampere Scientific, “What we provide is just an extra quality control step.”

VARmetric is designed with exceptional features enabling it to do processes like Arc Position Sensing (APS), APS synchronized with existing process signals, Analog APS output, Anomalous event detection, Side-arc detection, Integration with solidification models, Ingot height tracking, and Electrode tip mapping.

With the features built, VARmetric works on completely passive monitoring of VAR furnace operations, real-time monitoring with ObserVARTM software, complete furnace process analysis with AnalyVARTM, and automatic report generation. These enabled features are applicable to any arc furnace dimensions, at the same time it is also equally accessible to retrofit, with minimum time for installations.

Advanced furnace process control and improved safety are key features of VARmetric. ObserVAR and AnalyVAR software tools are the main parts of the VARmetric system.

While, the former features provide real-time APS and ingot height calculation, anomalous event detection, safety features, vertical and overhead arc distribution, and the options of automatic feedback into the furnace, the later model – VARmetric 2.0 – features variable APS melt scans displaying and defect probability through advanced solidification modeling.

“And the tool we’re developing can help reduce waste and conserve energy. As we continue our company trajectory,” King added, “we aim to revolutionize the metals industry.”

In 2014, in collaboration with the National Science Foundation (NSF) I-Corp program through the Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator, Ampere was awarded the Best Entrepreneur of the Year. The startup is selling to smaller metal processing companies and finds interest from customers across Asia and Europe.

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