AI and ML to Uplift Customer Service

By StartUp City | Tuesday, May 28, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Technologies like machine learning and Artificial Intelligence have finally been implemented in real companies. They have found context in the massive amounts of data that flow in and out of the customer-oriented organizations on a day-to-day basis.

The usage of the technology allows a contact center manager in the identification of who is on the other end of the line of interaction and what the other person’s character is to escalate the right context of longitudinal data enabling better service for the customer. 

Large organizations have now accepted customer experience transformation journeys and are heavily involved in the development of associated metric parameters such as rankings and net promoter score. One common idea among the major corporations is to place the customer at the beginning of every step taken.

Even though the virtue of AI and ML has been proved, there exists reticence among the managers and contact center operators to follow the path of advanced analytics. One of the significant reasons for non-subscription of the technology is that the complexity of doing so is underestimated. The process of preparing data for initiating the transfer to these platforms and algorithms are a challenge since a data pipeline, central data store, and compliance to governance policies need to be acknowledged.

Organizations need complete data to make full use of the AI/ML tools, which is why the firms that have aggregated the multi-channel communications into a single platform have a tremendous advantage in the adoption of advanced analytics.

It is often believed that analytics needs to spread uniformly across all sectors of the organization. The most common solution to unify all communications and data across an organization is bringing together UC voice, video conferencing, chat, collaboration, contact center, recordings, and quality management on a single platform.

Every single interaction, the conversation taking place anywhere in the enterprise needs to be recorded globally for improvement of analytics and business. It will also enhance the simplicity and ergonomic quality for everyone involved.

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