Agmatix Introduces New Agricultural Data Technology Platform to Support Sustainable Food Production

StartUp City | Thursday, December 02, 2021

Fremont, CA: The world may have slowed this year due to the pandemic, but that hasn't stopped technology from progressing toward something bigger on a daily basis. The AgTech sector has grown dramatically over the last decade and continues to grow steadily year after year. 2020 may have been a stumbling block for many industries, but the AgTech sector has only accelerated even in these trying times.

Agmatix, a start-up agtech business owned by a leading global specialty minerals company, ICL, has launched a breakthrough data technology platform. The Agmatix technology creates a new data language that can read and interpret thousands of different data points commonly used across the agricultural industry as the world's first single-engine that drives the agronomic innovation cycle from research and experimental data into meaningful real-life actions. The unique system then provides vital information to agronomists, researchers, and farmers in order for them to make better crop management decisions in order to increase yields and crop quality.

By digitizing field trials and agronomic experimentation and standardizing data across the industry, the new Agmatix solution is also creating a global database poised to unlock the mainstream use of big data in agronomy - reducing waste, shortening timelines, and increasing profitability for agricultural professionals and farmers.

This is accomplished through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide comprehensive advice on soil, irrigation, land topography, weather, and crop management. Importantly, the Agmatix platform allows the development of statistically and scientifically stronger agricultural models, which aids in reducing food waste and supporting global food poverty and population growth.

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