4 Startup Trends to Reap Benefits in 2019

By StartUp City | Thursday, August 22, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The year 2018 left many forecasts about the trends that startups in 2019 will bring before our eyes. The global startup ecosystem has witnessed tremendous growth over recent years, and that had well mirrored in every sector, as each of them experienced the waves of innovative business ideas and technologies that uplifted them from one point to another in their businesses.

The statistics are pointing out that 95% of the global startups had digital business plans in place, in 2018, and that had paved the ground for their success considerably. 55% of startups had already embraced some digital business strategy compared to the rest of traditional enterprises.

Developing a business that reaches to the consumer directly, instead of making them come to you is a clear trend that new start-ups and established enterprises are following now.

Despite the difficulty to choose the most appealing industry, to start over with a business in today’s day in age proffers greater opportunities and flexibility than ever before. Having a good concept and clarity over the way implementing new technologies available will take one far in this arena.

Here are four most promising startup trends to take note of for 2019:

Artificial Intelligence

The talk of technology has been going on in rounds in every sector, and the Artificial Intelligence has become one of the most conversed topics of the era. It has shed the status of being inside the brackets of mere concepts and started powering a sizable percentage of business initiatives.

Among the long list of industries that are utilizing AI to leverage their results are the companies working in robotics, ride-sharing, healthcare, banking, and finance, etc. AI is there in your marketing tools, your analytics, your digital ads, your customer service platforms, and your smartphone as well.

Majority of people using AI at present are not aware of it. The technology is working in the background of our systems to make processes faster, more efficient, and more accurate.

AI’s economic impact is huge and revolves around the consumption side, through higher-quality, more personalized, and more data-driven products and services. It has been foreseen that the global AI market would be as big as $ 15 trillion by 2030.

There are no rooms for doubts that the startups that find new applications for AI will reap benefits in 2019.

Data Analytics

The marketability of data is on a leap, and the companies are striving to utilize data innovatively to create value for customers and the business. Data monetization is directly proportional to better performance, including adding new services to existing offerings, developing entirely new business models, and joining hands with other companies in relevant industries to create pools of shared data.

 The data analytics platform caters to various sectors, including Finance and Banking, and became an inevitable part of our daily life.

The companies rely upon Data Analytics to reduce expenses, enhance sustainable development, and eliminate the loses occurring due to the increased downtime. With more companies are being concerned about the changing consumer and marketing behavioural patterns, a future with fistful opportunities is waiting for Data Analytics.


Blockchain’s evolution over the past few years has been persistent. This cutting-edge technology still has a lot to offer and being implemented across sectors and of evolving technologies such as brain-computer interface, quantum computing, smart robots to maximize the efficiency in business processes.

Followed by the last year’s buzz, the blockchain technology is poised to evolve even further and recognized with the potential to revolutionize every industry.

Big Data

 Big Data is going to be one of the most inexorable parts of all sorts of industries including digital marketing, supply chain management, healthcare, security, manufacturing, and a host of other applications in the near future. It is opening the doors of possibilities in front of the startups by offering a wide range of services and solutions such as:

• Predictive analytics
• Behavioral analytics
• Cost-effectiveness
• Business process optimization
• Organizational optimization
• Market insight
• Marketing effectiveness

Leveraging all the possibilities, the Big Data enables the startups to gain a competitive edge not only over its potential competitors but over not-so-techy enterprise businesses as well.

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