3 Emerging Trends in Biotechnology

Kenneth Thomas, Startup City | Wednesday, February 10, 2021

To advance in the biotechnology industry, business skills are critical for managing a research project or technical team, and technology expertise can add real-time analysis to cutting-edge research and development.

FREMONT, CA: In the field of modern biotechnology, which mainly focuses on medicine, startups, multinational pharmaceuticals companies, and government research agencies, create new treatment options for rare and complex diseases as well as genetic tests to identify inborn diseases. Other fields include alternate energy, agriculture, and environmental science.

Here are three emerging trends in biotechnology:

Evolution of Clinical Trials

Top 15 BioTech Startups - 2019Technological innovations have changed the clinical trial process, allowing biotech companies to test treatments on more patients in lesser time.

Machine learning technology has also enabled biotech companies to analyze data from current trials to predict the effectiveness of treatments down to a molecular level. It can also check data from previous experiments to ensure that nothing has been missed or if there may be new or different uses for an existing drug.

Emergence of Value-Based Pricing Models

According to value-based agreements, a buyer and a seller link payments to a specific value achieved as opposed to the volume of sales. It aligns the incentives between the manufacturers and purchasers of a product and often needs a different pricing model, unlike traditional contracts and a clear language to explain the terms and conditions.

Use of Next-Generation Computing Technology

With the rise of advanced technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence, it has enabled companies to widen the scope and expand their research and raise efficiency in the manufacturing process, which decreases the time it takes for biotech firms to bring new products to market.

The progress in cloud computing has also eliminated obstacles for innovation in biotech. Running applications through the cloud enables companies to store and analyze data without buying expensive computer hardware. This allows new startups to limit operating expenses and makes it easier and cheaper for large companies to allocate resources for new projects.

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