Lactobio: Towards Treating Diseases Caused by Multi-Resistant Bacteria

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Charlotte Vedel, Managing partner, LactobioCharlotte Vedel, Managing partner
With antimicrobial resistance growing as a bigger threat to humankind every day, preventing emergent pathogens has become the need of the hour. In such a scenario, antibiotics are not always the solution for fighting multi-resistant bacteria because the microbial resistance towards them has increased greatly over time. Researches reveal that probiotics are more beneficial than most antibiotics as they can create holes in the bad bacteria and exterminate them from the human body. The Copenhagen-based probiotic and microbiome company, Lactobio, utilizes living bacteria to develop cosmeceuticals and live biotherapeutic products. The company focuses on finding microbial solutions and developing skincare products. With a deeper understanding of skin microbiome, a fair number of companies in the skin care cosmetic domain have introduced dead cells to skincare products. A company that thinks out of the box, Lactobio believes that incorporating living bacteria in skin care products can yield outstanding results. The company focuses on finding lactic acid bacteria which can actively fight every Staphylococcus aureusincl. MRSA exterminate itching and infection that it causes, and also aims at tackling the burning issue of acne, especially among youngsters.

For healthy skin, consumers today seek chemical-free and sustainable skin care products. Aware of this growing demand, Lactobio employs a scientific approach to develop useful products. “All of our formulations are organic and natural,” reveals Søren Kjærulff, the CEO of the company.

Lactobio begins its search for effective and advanced microbial products by conducting R&D.

Søren Kjærulff, CEO
The research focuses on probiotic strains, and accordingly, it attempts to search for new bacteria that can fight pathogenic and harmful bacteria. While developing new microbial solutions based on probiotics, the company emphasizes on preventing chronic diseases in the areas of ‘gut, oral, skin, and vaginal microbiota.’

Lactobio has a comprehensive understanding of molecular mechanisms. For instance, while searching for new lactic acid bacteria that can work against Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus, Lactobio initially performs screening based on its knowledge of the molecular interaction, monitors new activity, and identifies the reason behind enterococcus’s resistance to Vancomycin. This step is followed by the development of lactic acid bacteria that can fight the bacterial diseases with ease.

Lactobio has a well-versed team with many years of experience in R&D. With 20 years of experience in Novozymes and the like, Kjærulff has acquired dexterity in developing new skin care products and managing projects, both scientifically and commercially. Having strong associations with some of the leading organizations that use its products, Lactobio has successfully built its reputation in the market. The company’s highly skilled and professional team of experts works on biotech and life sciences research to bring about new possibilities in improving the value of cosmetics and other healthcare products. One of its associations is with a Swiss company that has planned to sell the products in the Middle East, with a head start from Dubai

All of our formulations are organic and natural

Lactobio has already shaped its brand for its products in Denmark as Bak Probiotic Skincare and is focusing on creating a webpage that will be launched in August in the Nordic country. It has introduced three skincare products to the market and has allied with the United States and China, including Europe. Focused on more grants, Lactobio will continue to develop cosmeceuticals and live biotherapeutic products by developing more bacteria that can function efficiently as medicines.