Sharing Expertise through Telemedicine

Sharing Expertise through Telemedicine

Todd J. Vento, Medical Director for the Infectious Diseases Telehealth Program, Intermountain Healthcare

Empericus: Formulating Best Care Pathways for Athletes

Ron Pruitt, CEO, Bob Mack, COO & Nuno Godinho, CTO/CPD,Empericus

Data Security in Healthcare

Mark Eggleston, VP, Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer, Health Partners Plans

The Evolving Internet of Things (IoT) in Healthcare

Jerry Power, Executive Director, Institute for Communications Technology Management, University of Southern California

Analytics Process Improvement

Mark Ziemianski, VP of Business Analytics, Children's HealthSM

Managing Specialty Drug Use and Cost

Roni H. Amiel, CTO, Pinscriptive, a Frost Data Capital Company