Cyberspace Armor: Ensuring Confidentiality and Integrity of Information Systems

Cecil Powell, CEO, Cyberspace ArmorCecil Powell, CEO
Cecil Powell is a U.S. Navy Veteran, and Founder and CEO of Cyberspace Armor, a cyber security company providing businesses protection from cyber attacks.

At the early age of thirteen Powell, discovered his passion for coding while developing COBOL-based software. Ethical hacking was Powell’s high school hobby as he learned the inner workings of IT systems. While enrolled in the United States Navy, he learned the importance of confidentiality, integrity, availability, and proper work ethics. Combining his passion and knowledge of the cyber world with his experience as a Cyber Security Officer in the government, enabled Powell to found Cyberspace Armor LLC.

“Our goal is to educate businesses and millennial workforces about cybersecurity threats. Cyber security awareness is almost non-existent to the average business owner - until their systems get hacked and resources are lost, like confidential information or business income.” Cyberspace Armor provides end-to-end protection of systems, networks, and data from prevalent cybersecurity threats. “We focus on software development, compliance, threat monitoring, and artificial intelligence. My philosophy is that any problem could be resolved with the appropriate amount of dedication and education,” says Powell.
When approached by a client/business, Cyberspace Armor starts with a risk assessment to identify vulnerabilities in the infrastructure, and then analyze strategic measures to prevent attacks from happening. “Once the weaknesses in the infrastructure are identified, we adopt a customized approach to show the customer how they can move forward based on all their controls.” - Powell

We intend to be an influencer in the cybersecurity space within the next 5-10 years

Adhering to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Cyberspace Armor’s customized approach takes into consideration whether a business requires cybersecurity risk insurance or cybersecurity awareness. “We study the current trends in your industry’s market to decide the manner in which they will administer a cybersecurity awareness program,” says Powell. “We highlight the importance of virtual private networks (VPN), physical access, and security.” Cyberspace Armor’s clientele consists mostly of healthcare providers, whose primary concern is compliance with the HIPAA Act and securing patient data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI).

In one instance, Cyberspace Armor was entrusted with a colossal project dealing with security of multiple IT systems. Working with McAfee virus protection systems and end-point encryption “We evaluated the network, hardware, and software for issues; and mitigated all existing threats within a short period by placing systems with issues in quarantine, removing viruses, and patching procedure,” says Powell. Cyberspace Armor develops custom solutions to cyber threats, including the hardware, to support an IT infrastructure.

“If your business is experiencing cyber threats or has been attacked, call or text 855-CYBERWAR. A live customer service representative is available 24/7 365.”

Cyberspace Armor is developing a product that functions as a vaccination for virtual infrastructure. The virus will be introduced to train the system, and the attack will be confronted by smart utilization of AI. The product will be signature based and would learn the behavior of the user as well as the system. In addition to combating threats known to the system, the product will be fully armed to resist a zero-day attack.