The Advent of Data Science

Larry Pickett, CIO, Purdue Pharma

Roadmap for Technology Investments

Jonathan Shough, Chief Information Officer, INC Research

Formula Five for Biotech IT

Jeffrey Keisling, CIO & SVP, Pfizer [NYSE:PFE]

4HF Biotec: Bringing Forth Novel Anticancer Drugs

4HF Biotec: Bringing Forth Novel...

Prof. Dr. Heinz-Herbert Fiebig, CEO and Dr. Vincent Vuaroqueaux, CTO,4HF Biotec

LimmaTech Biologics: An Alternate Way to Generate Therapeutic Proteins

LimmaTech Biologics: An Alternate Way...

Veronica Gambillara Fonck, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO,LimmaTech Biologics

Perseus Proteomics: Unlocking the Hidden Potential of Antibodies

Perseus Proteomics: Unlocking the...

Takuya Yokokawa, President and CEO,Perseus Proteomics

Amnio Technology: Pioneering a New Age of Regenerative Medicine

Larry Macal, Chief Operating Officer,Amnio Technology

Heartseed Inc.: En route to Clinical Trials of Functional Cardiomyocytes

Dr. Keiichi Fukuda, Founding Scientist, CEO & Kikuo Yasui, COO,Heartseed Inc.

From Transactional to Translational: Bridging the Bench to Bedside Gap

Michael Murphy, Chief Medical & Scientific Officer, Worldwide Clinical Trials

Rendering the Power of Integrated Biotechnology Services

Rendering the Power of Integrated...

Tim Jackson, VP Technology, Advanced Clinical

Finding Answers in R & D Data is a Team Sport

Finding Answers in R & D Data is a Team...

Dan Hausman, CTO, ConvergeHEALTH by Deloitte

The Next Big Thing in Pharma and Life sciences industry

The Next Big Thing in Pharma and Life...

Mark Williams, VP, CIO, ACI Clinical