Carbiotix: Synergistic Low-Cost Gut Testing and Microbiome Therapeutics

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Kristofer Cook, CEO, CarbiotixKristofer Cook, CEO
It’s a no brainer that microbiomes—or the fibers that carry them—hold decisive relevance in maintaining human health. Humans depend on these bacteria to help digest food, produce vitamins, and regulate the immune system. The uptake of key metabolites is the ultimate measure of good gut health; the activity of specific bacteria is more important than the presence of species. In context, to a great extent, a healthy gut is an indicator of the body’s wellbeing. Poor gut health is characterized by declining or lack of relevant microbiomes. As such, microbiome therapeutics is gaining huge traction in the medical and biotech space. Aligning to this trend, Sweden-based Carbiotix brings to the table, a two-pronged value proposition involving low-cost gut health testing services and development of novel microbiome therapeutics—microbiome modulators based on propriety fibers, isolated strains, and novel delivery mechanisms.

“We see a clear interest in more accurate gut microbiome data as a means to personalize interventions. Our low-cost test allows for longitudinal data collection overcoming the natural variability of gut health data,” says Kristofer Cook, CEO at Carbiotix. Gut health can only be measured over time with multiple gut bacteria samples. Poor gut health stems from little consumption of soluble fibers, and it requires time to both improve gut health and to diagnose its deterioration.

Our competitive advantage is derived from our low-cost gut health testing services, which serves to accelerate therapeutics development

To this end, the company democratizes gut-health test for as low as USD 29 per month (which is less than half the price of any other gut test offering) thereby making it easy to track gut health over time.

Carbiotix’s key differentiator derives from a superior second-generation soluble fiber (AXOS), isolated strains from real life studies, and novel delivery mechanisms that allow them to optimize an individual’s microbiome metabolic profile. Furthermore, the company’s platform-based microbiome therapeutics technology offering is able to address a range of metabolic and chronic diseases. Their primary focus will be on bringing rare disease therapeutics to market while partnering with leading drug companies to develop treatments and medications for the same. They are already en-route to developing therapies for hyperammonemia and chronic kidney diseases (in the proof of concept stage) and, IBD, type-II diabetes, and osteoarthritis (in the pre-clinical stage). “We have collected 18 months of longitudinal data, with over 2,000 samples analyzed to date. Among our users, we have had people who have dramatically improved their baseline gut health with increased consumption of high-quality soluble fiber,” adds Cook. In the light of this promising observation, Cook also plans to roll out their fibers in the form of readily consumable nutritional products for the consumer masses.

Evidently, the trio of initiatives namely, the gut testing service, the clinical development partnership, and the nutritional supplement can mutually aid each other. “Our competitive advantage is derived from our low-cost gut health testing services sold to consumers and businesses, which serves to accelerate therapeutics development, potentially diagnose diseases, and verify and amplify the efficacy of our therapeutics,” mentions Cook.

Being an award-winning spin-off company from the department of biotechnology at Lund University, Carbiotix is all set to bring out B2B offerings later this year. It is Cook’s fourth biotech startup; evidently, he is well positioned and experienced to lead it forward. “We try and take this to a new level by respecting human evolution and restoring people’s gut microbiomes to a state where we not only can treat diseases but also prevent the development of diseases in the first place, of course, verified with our low-cost test,” concludes Cook.