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Hoang Nhu, CEO and Founder, NousLogic Inc.Hoang Nhu, CEO and Founder,NousLogic Inc.
As 2020 came to a close, I wanted to share a few thoughts on why what we're doing at NousLogic Telehealth is meaningful, impactful, and especially timely. More importantly, we're seeing why the world needs new Digital Transformation technologies in all aspects of our daily life, from e-commerce, online classes, food delivery, to our telemedicine “WFH Wellness From Home” mission, a trademark we coined from the popular acronym “WFH Work From Home”.

All these Digital Transformations had been in the making before Covid-19 - actually way before this pandemic, as was the case with our personal R&D experience 3 decades ago at HP corporation, see - but now Covid-19 has accelerated their paces of innovations and adoption, particularly in Telehealth .

Based on our examination of the long-term implications of the virus—and our response to it—for society and technology, we came up with the following technology predictions for 2021 and beyond. These “New Normal” health services were originally described on our website

*** IoT/RTLS with ML/AI technologies for Hand-Wash compliance tracking and other related public-health services
Nouslogic Healthcare is a disruptive entry into the Real-Time Locating Services (‘RTLS’) market providing innovative infection control, compliance, and monitoring technology for the healthcare/hospitals, food service, and hospitality markets

Our real-time solution helps monitor, remind and enforce healthcare workers and staff in food/public health services to wash their hands, the first requirement to contain the spread of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases. Using wireless sensors attached to sanitizers, our solution tracks the "4 W's: Who, What, Where, When" regarding hand-washing in different medical/healthcare applications. The same data can be derived for Covid19 Contact-Tracing and other similar RTLS applications such as Asset tracking.

With smart data analytics, ML/AI, the ultimate goal is to come up with preventative measures to reduce the risk of hand-wash non-compliance. To this end, here are a couple of AI-based goals that we are working on:

 Each healthcare worker and restaurant/food service worker will have a hand-hygiene compliance score (similar to consumer’s FICA score or driver’s score for car insurance rate discount) based on our IoT data analytics/AI where the data are collected from employee ID & sensors attached to sanitizer dispensers
 Similarly, existing public health rules such as “restaurant employees must wash hands after restroom use” can now be made mandatory as our RTLS technology can now enforce such requirement

*** Telehealth/”RPM Remote patient monitoring” with ML/AI for preventive medicine

NousLogic Telehealth’s RPM is particularly useful during the new normal of Covid-19: it keeps doctors-patients interaction intact with live anytime/anywhere health data despite the current social-distancing requirement. WFH (Wellness from home) is our mission for our patients.

RPM also enables caregivers, remote family members to stay in touch with elderly people via video call and track their daily activities and health statuses. Below are examples of new solutions that are made possible using data for ML/AI processing:

** These following cloud-connected sensors in NousLogic RPM platform will be as popular and prevalent as the weight scale, and thermometer in most consumers' homes: vital sign devices, smart medication-adherence tracking/reminder, bed and toilet sensors. With smart correlation algorithms and data analytics/AI applied to these sensors' aggregated data, more accurate root causes of health issues can be discovered early, allowing preventive medicine measures to be implemented . As another example, each patient/consumer can have a medication adherence/compliance score (as analyzed and assigned by our Smart Medication Tracker product & Data analytics ) that health insurance companies can use to decide the patient's health insurance discount rate

We are excited to begin a new year 2021 filled with Digital Transformation promises and possibilities in our “WFH Wellness From Home” mission.