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Alexandra Stan, Head of Marketing, adaptive.runAlexandra Stan, Head of Marketing,
If 2020 taught us something, it’s that now, more than ever, organizations must adapt smooth and easy to “the new normal”. And without keeping up pace with technology, all of this work from home or online schooling would have just not been possible. Technology is now developing faster than ever: capabilities that were considered impossible a couple of years ago are now becoming available to the large public. We’re entering an era where software robots, automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning will define mainstream operations and tasks.

Back in 2017, when was originally founded, there were not that many companies focused on cloud technologies that really had the capability of delivering a project end-to-end. And since Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are still developing technologies, we keep track of any new breakthroughs on these subjects. And that’s our promise for the future. To be in line with the latest market and technology updates and to offer top solutions that help our clients to digitally transform.

These new capabilities and technologies will redefine in the following years the way we interact, the way we work and even the way we think:

- Customer experiences will be enhanced. With the help of AI and Cognitive Services, first line of support can now be delivered by intelligent bots, images can be transformed into metadata or sentiment can be determined based on voice or face detection.

- New jobs will emerge, while some existing jobs will be redefined. The automation capabilities that are now available will transform old-fashioned jobs to take advantage of AI and ML. Take this as an example: why extracting data manually from documents or images, when you can have a software solution doing that for you with the help of OCR? Or why doing content moderation manually, when this can be done with the help of Machine Learning? is already taking a step into this direction and offers a full list of solutions that are tackling some of these new scenarios:

• adaptive.extractor: helps extract data from real-life images/documents and automatically injects them to any data container, instead of manually gathering data from physical documents and inputting them in other systems;

• Boosts content discoverability, analyzes video in real time and creates products that more people can use by embedding vision capabilities in apps. It offers capabilities like transforming images/video in searchable text, identifying brands or people in media files or even detects in real time emotions on people (happiness, sadness, surprise, neutral, anger, contempt, disgust or fear);

• adaptive.QnA-bot: helps boost experience for customers with an AI-driven QnA Bot that can answer all of their first line of support questions. The bots intelligently respond and manage customers, adapting constantly by learning from user behavior;

• adaptive.speech: converts audio into text from a variety of sources or vice-versa: transforms text into speech/audio – all of this in real time, by supporting more than 80 languages;

• adaptive.text-analytics: puts a score on any text/document and detects valuable metadata such as the language it's being written into, key phrases that show up, sentiment of the whole document (or part of it) or entities that are being specified;

• adaptive.content-moderator: checks text, image and video content for material that is potentially offensive, risky, or otherwise undesirable.

Solutions like these will make the workflow much easier and safer for employees worldwide. And with the coronavirus pandemic still affecting the global economy, our predictions for 2021 evolve on the idea that cloud computing will be the centre for the ‘new normal’ post pandemic.