Wellview: A Personalized Approach to Employee Population Health

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James Story, Co-Founder and CEO, WellviewJames Story, Co-Founder and CEO
Owing to the rising importance of employee well-being, today, more than half of all SMBs and over 80 percent of all larger enterprises offer wellness programs to nurture a happy, healthy, and productive workforce. Even the federal government has been acknowledging the power of such initiatives through increased funds and new regulations; a case in point is 2010’s Affordable Care Act, which was designed to actively promote workplace wellness programs through funds.

Despite such efforts being taken by the government and corporate companies for funding and endorsing wellness programs, its overall employee enrollment rate has remained fairly low, at a scanty 8 percent of the total working professionals. So what makes the remaining employees averse to the current employee wellness programs in place?

Well, the problem lies with how businesses approach wellness programs for their employees. The benefits typically offered in an employee wellness plan are decided from the payers’ and healthcare providers’ perspectives. And in doing so, they often fail to acknowledge the person behind the employee and their individual needs and expectations. What is imperative for businesses and corporate organizations is to create more personalized population health plans, designed for the employee.

Enter Wellview.

A digital health and virtual care company, Wellview works primarily with mid-market self-insured employers (companies with 500-10,000 employees) to revolutionize their employee wellness programs with a strict focus on individual employee expectations.
“We flipped traditional wellness on its head by delivering high value in the key areas employers care about most: employee engagement, clinical outcomes, cost management,” states James Story, Co- Founder and CEO of Wellview. “Using data, we uniquely understand employee health behaviors to help employers develop action-oriented population health plans that deliver measurable results,” Story adds further.

Designing the 21st-Century Employee Population Health Experience

Elaborating on Wellview’s approach to workplace health and wellness programs, Story explains that the company first delves into exclusively understanding every employee of its client organization, similar to how companies like Amazon or Proctor and Gamble (P&G) profile their target customers. For this, Wellview builds an employee’s Care Profile™ by using data collected from a multitude of sources. This profile allows Wellview to understand the different behavioral and clinical traits of every employee separately.

Based on the insights from the Care Profile, Wellview employs its Care Team™ and drives one-to-one engagement with the employees through a ‘hub and spoke’ approach. “We put the employees at the center surrounded by our certified health advisors, who are in charge of connecting the employees with the right health experts based on a fine balance of their personal interests and their risk profiles,” says Cole Barfield, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Wellview. Because Wellview attempts to craft such employee-centric well-being solutions, it immediately offers value the employee can connect with and get excited about experiencing. The participants, especially those with chronic conditions, leverage these initiatives to access more proactive and preventive care, managing their chronic conditions in the most simplified, personalized, and sustainable manner. And to round out the value for the employer, Wellview provides comprehensive reporting, specifically focused on measuring the total cost impact of the programs being distributed across the population.

Wellview’s Role in Battling COVID-19

Last year, as mental health became a growing concern during the pandemic, Wellview extended its concierge and care team hours of operations and focused on growing its mental health specialist network to better support its end-users and their family members.

Moving forward, as these endeavors continue to showcase Wellview’s dedication to improving the overall community health, the company will be looking at adding more efficiency to its existing model. To that end, one of the major strivings for the company in the coming months is implementing AI and machine learning to achieve even more predictability of people’s interests and behaviors to tailor their employee wellness programs. This will also help determine the exact care needed by an individual and introduce a healthcare advisor early on in an employee’s healthcare journey. “Our plans for the future will definitely take us a few steps closer to our vision of simplified, personalized, and sustainable healthcare,” says Barfield. “And at the same time, it will create a win-win-win for the employers, employees, and insurance companies alike,” Story affirms as a concluding note.
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Nashville, TN

James Story, Co-Founder and CEO and Dr. Cole Barfield, MD, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Wellview is a digital health and virtual care company, based in Nashville TN. Wellview works primarily with mid-market (500-10,000 employee lives) self-insured employers to engage employees in health resources resulting in improved clinical outcomes and reduced health costs. With data, Wellview builds a member’s Care Profile™ to drive one to one marketing communications resulting in 9x member engagement with fully integrated behavioral and clinical health resources and experts in the Wellview Care Team Network™. KPI’s include 10.2 percent healthcare cost reduction, >40 percent employee engagement, and 99 percent user satisfaction rates