Standard Energy: Innovation in Energy Storage Systems with Vanadium-ion Batteries

Bu Gi Kim, CEO, Standard Energy. , Standard EnergyBu Gi Kim, CEO, Standard Energy.
Although the prevalence of Lithium-ion batteries has grown substantially over the past decade, its benefits are slowly overshadowed by drawbacks.

Lithium-ion batteries require protection from over-charging, current to be maintained within safe limits, and circuitry incorporated to ensure safer operating ranges. While copper, cobalt, and nickel are considered safe for landfills, recycling lithium-ion batteries is highly labor-intensive, adversely impacting the environment. Owing to such concerns, experts in the energy industry are evaluating alternatives for lithium-ion batteries, aiming to reduce the environmental impact of energy storage systems (ESS) while improving their storage efficiencies. One group of experts that is pushing the boundaries of innovation in the development of sustainable, reliable, and environmentally friendly energy storage systems is South Korea based Standard Energy.

Standard Energy was established by a group of researchers and professors of KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) South Korea, one of the world’s top technology institutes and world-renowned MIT. Its employees hold over 200 patents for its remarkable technology and are funded by venture capitals and national grants. Standard Energy is a technology company that designs and manufactures large-scale secondary batteries for energy storage systems. Its battery can be used for off-grid applications with renewable energy sources or large-scale integration with utility grids.
Standard Energy’s products are based on proprietary redox-flow technology, which is safe and more cost-effective than conventional lithium-ion ones. Its proprietary method– usage of Vanadium in batteries–is taking APAC’s energy sector by storm, breaking away from age-old standards and embracing futuristic solutions.

Composed of young and talented scientists and engineers, Standard Energy has devised a methodology to utilize Vanadium ions instead of lithium and given a twist to conventional ESSs. Since Vanadium exists in 4 ionic states, it is an extremely permission alternative for batteries. The Vanadium electrolyte is mainly composed of water, offering no ignition hazard and making the batteries safe upon overvoltage, overcharge, forced discharge, high-temperature exposure, external short circuit, drop, crash, and even thermal runaways. After investigating and studying Vanadium for years and developing an optimized combination of novel material, platform technology, and stabilizing mechanism, Standard Energy has created a Vanadium-ion battery that offers efficiencies that are unheard of in the energy industry.

Standard Energy’s Vanadium-ion batteries offer 96% of energy efficiency, a prime factor to ensure the economic sustainability of large-scale ESSs. The energy efficiency is sustained even under high power and low-temperature conditions. This extraordinary is ensured by utilizing highly conductive materials and refining technologies. Standard Energy’s batteries also offer constant high-power operation capabilities without the need for additional cooling systems. The unique materials used in the manufacturing ensure optimal material stacking configurations and heat management, saving electricity that conventional batteries require cooling. Due to these characteristics, the operation costs can be saved by decreasing the battery installation capacity required for every application. The Vanadium-ion batteries are highly effective for short-term as well as long-term ESS. The batteries also offer an ultra-long battery life which is achieved by drastically reducing the capacity decay. With a focus on the essence of batteries and insights into the target market, Standard Energy has developed new products and novel business models, enabling a paradigm shift in APAC’s energy ecosystem. It is evident that the company’s vision to overcome hardships in unconventional ways, ceaseless verification of products, and uncompromised standards have empowered it to set high standards and foster innovation.
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Standard Energy

Daejeon, South Korea.

Bu Gi Kim, CEO, Standard Energy.

Standard Energy is a technology company that designs and manufactures large-scale Vanadiumion batteries for energy storage systems. Standard Energy has devised a methodology to utilize Vanadium ions instead of lithium and given a twist to conventional ESSs.