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Massimiliano Pianges, Founder & COO, NexumMassimiliano Pianges, Founder & COO The adoption of cloud technology is expanding as businesses become more aware of the numerous benefits cloud computing can provide in terms of efficiency and profitability. Although the cloud is a revolutionary step towards better managing data, cloud migration still remains a struggle for many. While the cloud is transforming the IT sector by enhancing performance, providing new capabilities, and driving down costs, migration can also be tough for organisations with decades of investment in legacy IT. Against this challenging backdrop, Nexum enters the picture to make migration to the cloud smoother and to help them better manage massive data sets.

“Our cloud strategy is designed to provide organisations with the best infrastructure, platform, industry solutions, and digital transformation expertise,” says Massimiliano Pianges, Founder and COO at Nexum. With over two decades of expertise in the information technology and internet industries in both public and private sectors, Pianges is focused on helping their clients journey from digital product invention to entire business transformation with bespoke solutions.

Migration is the first step for every organisation to get rid of managing their own hardware and focus on what makes their business better. Once on the cloud, businesses can alter their operations using cloud-native capabilities such as data analytics, machine learning, and containers. As a Google Cloud Platform partner, Nexum also offers solutions to assist companies in transitioning workloads to the cloud and rationalising and managing hybrid cloud infrastructure. By providing bespoke programs and professional services, the company is able to help businesses get started with cloud migration so they can focus on their apps and data while Nexum manages the underlying infrastructure.

Nexum offers engineering services that serve as the fundamental building blocks for making technology work across the enterprise. Their service portfolio also includes Kubernetes, serverless and cloud-native applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, machine learning applications, IoT, Anthos hybrid, multi-cloud, and data real-time processing. Furthermore, the company assists clients in modernising their infrastructure. As an added benefit, Nexum distinguishes itself by developing all of its solutions using robotic software process automation (RPA) techniques. “We build cloud native solutions with the purpose of becoming a business model and helping decision makers via the use of automated processes and real-time data,” Pianges explains.

The Next Generation of Cloud

Being at the forefront of innovation, the company has developed two products employing deep learning coding techniques based on Quantum neural system NexCode and NexBot.

Our cloud strategy is designed to provide organisation with the best infrastructure, platform, industry solutions, and digital transformation expertise

Both solutions are prototypes and developments of cognitive assistants capable of assisting application code development using scripting languages based on the new version of GPT-3 and BERT framework based on natural processing language.

NexCode is a conversational and visual interface for generating programming code (including API idioms), which are code snippets that employ Java or Python APIs CRUD. This system’s major goal is to use the user’s code and the query to produce the right program that will most likely solve the task. The generated programs are expected to adhere to a “realistic” connection between programmes and labels, as demonstrated by a corpus of labelled programs. Nexum implements an idea in a system for generating API-heavy Java or Python code, demonstrating that it can frequently anticipate the whole body of a method based on just a few API calls or data types that exist in the method.

Nexbot, on the other hand, is a cognitive assistant that may be deployed in a variety of settings according to the needs and requirements of the customer. It has been completely intended to assist any type of client in constructing a cloud system architecture based on the Google cloud platform. It can assist in the design and cost calculation of any type of goods and services infrastructure that a customer requires by utilising natural language processing of its NPL based on a neural network engine designed with BERT. “Nexbot helps our clients to adopt serverless architectures and tools to accelerate their platform development in the cloud transition program efforts, and we use our experience to help restructure legacy systems so that they can run more efficiently on cloud without knowing anything about the google cloud platform ecosystem,” states Pianges.

To highlight Nexum’s expertise, Pianges cites a case study in which the company developed a real estate predictor value based on the company’s proprietary algorithm. For this project, the input vector represented the property to be quoted and contained all its information. This information indicates the revenue agency, the “distance” of the property from the centre, and is coded using letters such as B (Central), C (Semi-central), D (Suburban), and E (Extra Urban), in which the user enters the property to be quoted through the address. The Nexum predictor also accepts properties outside the centre as input as opposed to the current solutions.

  • We build cloud native solutions with the purpose of becoming a business model and helping decision makers via the use of automated processes and real time data

Therefore nations outside of metropolitan centres can also be accepted. In this regard, Nexum’s algorithm has already been designed and implemented to recover such data. On the one hand, this will allow the company to enrich the revenue agency’s dataset. Alternatively, it allowed the company to assign a code to the property presented as input (pre-processing) and then feed this “enriched” vector to the deep learning network. With cutting-edge data mining and retrieval techniques and a fully automated browser, the user could access all features of the property with the press of a button after entering the address.

In addition to its competencies, Nexum is also working on a substantial chunk of a quantum neural network for a machine learning project involving quantum programming with Cirq and Tensorflow quantum. The company has reconverted all prior CNN and model development for potential solutions, introducing the usage of TensorFlow Quantum (TFQ), an open source framework for quick prototyping of classical-quantum hybrid models for classical or quantum data. This framework supports high-performance quantum circuit simulators and provides high-level abstractions for constructing and training discriminative and generative quantum models in TensorFlow.
Nexum’s developments are aimed at providing an overview of software architecture and building blocks through several examples. To this end, the company has investigated the theory of quantum classical hybrid neural networks through illustrations of TFQ functionalities in several basic applications, such as learning supervised for quantum classification, quantum control, simulation of noisy quantum circuits, and approximate quantum optimisation.

With a passion for innovation, Nexum is looking towards adopting the principles of extreme programming and site reliability engineering. To accomplish the company’s goal to grow its competency, every Nexum employee engages in a program called “Continuous Improvement.” As the name implies, the process is designed to continuously enhance the employee’s technical and soft skill abilities through various tools ranging from code review to attaining Google professional certifications. For the coming years, Nexum also plans to scale up in terms of personnel and expertise in transformation technologies like quantum computing, robotic software process automation, and deep and superdense coding
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Massimiliano Pianges, Founder & COO

Nexum expertise is rooted in technology, from digital product innovation to total business transformation. The company provides holistic data cloud migration solutions to make cloud migration seamless and to help better manage massive data sets. Their engineering services provide the fundamental building blocks to make technology work across the enterprise. Nexum’s software development and quality management experts orchestrate all the intricacies of software implementation, configuration, and testing. They equip organizations with the best infrastructure, platform, industry solutions, and expertise for digital transformation.