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Masahiro [Mark] Kasuya, CEO, MELTIN MMIMasahiro [Mark] Kasuya, CEO
Until now, human civilization has developed based on the technologies utilized to build many forms of infrastructure that help people in performing various tasks. To put it another way, we’ve been aided by technology that has enabled us to alter the environment to suit human needs. However, the environmental changing inventions are saturating. There is a growing need for technologies that allow humans to change themselves to suit the environment. To transcend the physical limitations of our bodies, MELTIN develops avatar robots by using bio-signals and cyborg technology.

MELTIN MMI specializes in R&D and commercialization of medical devices and avatar robots. They use bio-signal processing technology and avatar robot technology to develop robots that can be used to perform various tasks across industries. Bio-signals are electrical impulses that are carried through nerves in our body to allow us to move our limbs and receive information from our senses.
In order to make cyborgs move these signals must be received and processed. As the existing technology was not accurate enough to capture the movements of the human body, MELTIN MMI produced a unique bio-signal algorithm that allows for highly-accurate real-time analyses of body movements.

When the company began researching robot technology, its first goal was to recreate the hand, which is the most complicated part of the human body. Hands being an important limb in the body has enabled humans to physically express their creativity. By building a cyborg hand with the same utility as a human one, MELTIN will be capable of overcoming distance limits in a way that no human has ever been able to. The cyborg hand can process “scissoring” motions with the fingers, as well as bending and extending the thumb and bending the wrist. The cyborg hand can process a total of 12 types of complex movements and can also distinguish between adjacent muscle movements. All of this enables for intuitive control of cyborgs without the requirement of special training.

MELTIN has created a concept cyborg model called “MELTANT-α” which works in tandem with an operator to develop motions that are almost the same as our own while also adding flexibility, durability, and precision. This technology can be used as “another body” at any place on the planet. It takes 0.02 seconds to respond to the operator and MELTANT-α. Even the quickest movements of the human hand are possible due to the short latency in response time. By optimizing information transmission methods MELTIN was able to move a robot hand that was part of an Abu Dhabi-based avatar, from Boston while routing the data through servers in Japan.

Creating a new form of evolution that can be felt at an individual level, MELTIN is aiming for a future in which cyborg technology is used to merge bodies and machines, letting humans to demonstrate unlimited creativity.
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Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Masahiro [Mark] Kasuya, CEO

MELTIN MMI is expertise in R&D and commercialization of medical devices and avatar robots by using bio-signals in order to develop bio-signal processing technology and avatar robot technology