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Laurent Carme, CEO, McPhy Energy S.A. Laurent Carme, CEO 1821, France: One of the greatest emperors in the world, Napolean Bonaparte, had been finally defeated at the Battle of Waterloo. While entire France was mourning over the loss, scientist Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier, who had formerly undertaken significant engineering and academic projects for the late Emperor, was engrossed in his investigations of the physical world. Using the results of the 1770s trigonometric calculation that gave an approximate distance between the Earth and the Sun, Fourier raised an important question: how can a planetary object of the size of the Earth be so warm with only the incoming solar radiation? According to his calculations, the radiation from the sun was not sufficient to keep the Earth as warm as it was. There had to be something else. Continuing on this trail marked by Fourier, scientists and researchers built several theories on his discovery, all leading to the conclusion–The Greenhouse Effect. Water vapour, carbon dioxide (CO2), and other gases formed an insulating blanket around the Earth that trapped the radiation and kept the atmospheric temperatures high. However, this protective mechanism, which was once considered a boon, today has become a curse, threatening the survival of life on this planet. Anthropogenic factors–the burning of fossil fuels, increased carbon emissions, mass deforestation, among others–are leading to a rapid rise in greenhouse gases, which in turn, are trapping more heat than necessary. Result? Melting of ice-caps, increase in the overall temperature of the planet, decrease in oxygen levels, to mention a few.

To avert the inevitable end of life on Earth, nations around the world have given the call to reduce carbon emissions. However, the question that looms now is, how? The answer lies in Hydrogen. Unlike conventional fuels, this versatile and environment-friendly element produces only water vapour as a byproduct. Also, this single proton consisting element is found in abundance in the Earth’s crust. It is a perfect fit for several industries–from decarbonising electricity to production of ammonia and methanol to manufacturing of steel.

“ We are confident that the combination of rigor, agility, innovation and massification found in our markets will enable us to accelerate the roll out of competitive, high-performance zero-carbon hydrogen ecosystems with unlimited opportunities”

Most importantly, as a clean energy vector, Hydrogen can be easily stored and used to complement the current fuels. While the idea of using Hydrogen might seem elusive to many, McPhy Energy S.A. has already embarked on the journey of “driving clean energy forward.” Through its eminent products and solutions, McPhy is aiming to produce clean, smart, scalable, and unlimited Hydrogen that will change the future.

The Fuel of the Future is Already Here

McPhy is blazing the trail towards a clean future, facilitating large-scale transition and increasing the attractiveness and competitiveness of zero-carbon Hydrogen. With the highest standards of safety and quality, all within the framework of hydrogen cost reduction, McPhy is continually improving its equipment’s performance. McPhy’s genesis dates back to 2008, in Drôme, with the breakthrough technology of hydrogen storage in solid form.
Since its inception, McPhy has enhanced its know-how in the upstream chain of Hydrogen–be it the rollout of its electrolysers and the introduction of PEM electrolysis technology or being selected to equip the largest zero-carbon hydrogen production unit in Europe, McPhy is undoubtedly an essential innovator in the upcoming “hydrogen era.”

McPhy actively participates in the regulatory and standardisation work and makes people aware of the pivotal role hydrogen plays in fostering a zero-carbon environment

“We are confident that the combination of rigor, agility, innovation, and massification found in our markets will enable us to accelerate the roll out of competitive, high-performance zero-carbon hydrogen ecosystems with unlimited opportunities,” says Laurent Carme, CEO at McPhy.

Driving Mobility through Hydrogen

In this age of petroleum fuels, hydrogen-based vehicles have emerged as a far superior and environment friendly successor– owing to their considerable autonomy and fast refuelling. Not only do these vehicles eliminate the emission of pollutants like CO2 and CO, but also are at par with the “traditional” transport units when it comes to performance. Characterised by their zero noise and zero emissions, hydrogen vehicles can provide the optimum comfort level while also keeping the air clean. Also, hydrogen vehicles will optimise the compactness of refuelling stations, thereby resulting in a high fuel turnover. McFilling and Augmented McFilling-the engineered hydrogen refuelling stations of McPhy offer solutions that are “fit for purpose, ready for the future.” These turnkey stations are dimensioned according to customers’ needs, with capacities from 20 to more than several thousand kilograms of Hydrogen a day. They are designed to support all types of vehicles–from utility units to lift trucks to heavy-duty transportation. The stations allow customers to increase hydrogen mobility rapidly, simply, and efficiently into their company or local community. Be it land, rail, sea, or air, hydrogen-powered transportation is the answer to clean mobility!

Hydrogen is the “Gateway” to the Future

The Power to Gas methodology, also considered an arch between the power and gas networks, involves replacing a part of the natural gas that are high consumers of Hydrogen such as synthesis methane or methanol, with Hydrogen. To elaborate, electricity is converted into Hydrogen, assimilated into the natural gas network, and then through the synthesis of methane, the converted Hydrogen is injected into the natural gas grid. As a grand scale, long-term approach to Hydrogen, McPhy has specifically designed its large capacity electrolysers–McLyzer and Augmented McLyzer, that generate large volumes of Hydrogen and radically increase the renewable portion of the gas mix. These dynamic electrolysers bring flexibility to the network and support continuous applications.

Not to forget, the McLyzer range is positioned as the ideal tool to stabilise the power grids confronted with a growing influx of renewable electricity and participate in primary and secondary reserves. Then, by transforming electricity, a renewable source, into Hydrogen, the truly modular architecture of these electrolysers offer energy producers the possibility of storing excess production that can be used in the grid networks. Driven by high energy efficiency and economic competitiveness, these hydrogen generators combine zero-loss purification units with closed-loop systems to reduce the consumption of water during its transformation into Hydrogen. So, whether you are opting for energy storage, or looking for power to power solution, McPhy ticks all the boxes.
McPhy is also setting an example by supplying industrialists with decarbonised Hydrogen, reconciling their productivity, adding competitiveness in their business approach, and making them socially responsible. How? Through its robust solutions, namely Piel, McLyzer, and Augmented McLyzer that address all types of industries, irrespective of their size or sector of activities. These solutions effectively replace existing carbonised energies with clean Hydrogen, produced by electrolysis from renewable sources. This clean energy source is thereby opening the doors for industrialists to create new forms of value–decarbonisation of their processes, creation of new processes and markets, and valorisation of their pollutant emissions. Also, carbon capture, an interesting application of industrial Hydrogen, allow industrialists to capture their CO2 emissions and purify them before combining it with Hydrogen for future uses. Thereby, McPhy is paving the way for a new low-carbon era.

Hydrogen for All

Urban or rural, isolated or island environments, Hydrogen contributes significantly across the globe to make the energy transition a success throughout. McPhy works with communities as a close-knit unit to ramp up the utilisation of Hydrogen at the heart of local governments. The company designs its products and hydrogen solutions that meet local energy needs and improve the economic performance and quality of life. Thanks to its network of partners who assist local communities in their transition to Hydrogen–from setting up of factories to putting the government and public factors in sync–McPhy acts as the firm stanchion.

Moreover, McPhy’s integrated approach in creating a sustainable environment is acknowledged by numerous engineering departments and consulting agencies that specialise in engineering. The company’s hydrogen solutions and equipment are all certified to ISO 9001 and hence, meet the rigorous quality and high standards required for the wide-scale deployment of Hydrogen. Also, McPhy actively participates in the regulatory and standardisation work (in France and abroad) and makes people aware of the pivotal role hydrogen plays in fostering a zero-carbon environment.

Paving the Way for Hydrogen in Marine Applications

Today, McPhy is actively participating in establishing Hydrogen as one of the primary fuels in marine applications. A case in point is the initiative by Ferguson Marine to develop the world’s first renewable, powered Hydrogen ferry-HySeas III. The development, of which McPhy is part, is funded by EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation fund. The vessel’s fuel will be produced from renewable electricity, which will successfully mark the paradigm shift toward emissions-free marine transport. McPhy aims to demonstrate its capabilities during the specification phases. It will bring its deep expertise, augmented electrolysers, and robust hydrogen stations into the marine space, and make its contribution to HySeas consortium.

As a recognised partner of universities and research laboratories, both public and private, McPhy makes its academic vision and industrial know-how available to researchers. Its close relationships with key players in the field of research in France and abroad helps the company to utilise disruptive technologies and thereby open the doors of new possibilities in augmenting the applications of the “hydrogen” carrier. At heart, the dense modularity of the research centres allows McPhy to design robust hydrogen systems that complement the company’s subject study. Also, the McPhy’s compact, flexible solutions get easily integrated into the framework of the research centres and complement researchers’ subject study. Hence, the interplay between McPhy and the research centres helps to optimise and standardise Hydrogen as the future value creator.
- Kenneth Thomas
    July 29, 2020
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In the framework of the energy revolution, and as a leading supplier of hydrogen production and distribution equipment, McPhy contributes to the deployment of clean hydrogen throughout the world. Under its hood, it has a plethora of solutions ranging from electrolyzers to hydrogen storage solutions to hydrogen refueling stations. McPhy provides turnkey solutions to its clients, tailored to their applications