Kiwi Power: Streamlining Distributed Energy for Global Sustainability

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Jay Zoellner, CEO, Kiwi Power Jay Zoellner, CEO
With the advancement of technology, the arena of grids has been diversified with the addition of new sources of energy generation and two-way power flows. Taking a closer look at the increasing proportion of power, it is supplied by utility-scale wind and solar firms. Smart metres are revolutionising the consumption patterns of electricity, allowing users to reduce consumption during peak hours to help balance the grid. However, reliability stays as a significant concern as the grid struggles to meet increasing demand. The introduction of distributed energy resources or DER ensures small scale units of local generation connected to the grid at the distribution level. As a source of decentralised and community-generated energy, DER is transforming the grid. As per records, global DER capacity is expected to outpace the deployment of new centralised generation capacity from 2024 and reach over 500GW by 2028. There is one company that has found the key to combining technology and expertise to unlock DER value and serve sustainable energy needs.

Founded in 2009, Kiwi Power operates globally and partners with electric utilities, distribution system operators, energy storage owners and aggregators to quickly and affordably establish a reliable DER business. “The global market for DER is set to explode over the next decade, and our proven technology platform is ideally placed to capitalise on this opportunity,” says Jay Zoellner, CEO of Kiwi Power.
Kiwi Power’s pioneering distributed energy platform offers flexibility and reliability to DERs and maximises their value. The proprietary technology platform has been built by the company with the insight and expertise gathered from years of experience in operating and optimising DERs. What customers can expect is faster running of distributed energy businesses with industry-leading security standards. Kiwi Power also helps its clients to access the widest range of DERs with a low-cost solution to maximise addressable market potential.

The global market for DER is set to explode over the next decade, and our proven technology platform is ideally placed to capitalise on this opportunity

What sets the company apart is the in-depth knowledge of energy markets, world-leading proprietary technology and unrivalled experience integrating and operating a wide range of assets, all to capture maximum value from DERs. Kiwi Power’s approach brings flexibility to DER businesses and typically begins with market analysis and joint development of a go-to-market strategy. Knowledge transfer and training is provided to the client’s flexibility team. After this, market access integration platform deployment and testing is carried out before onboarding the customer. Customers are guaranteed with operational support and continuous platform development. The distributed energy platform of Kiwi Power manages over 1GW of DERs in over ten countries. It has been developed with the knowledge gathered over ten years of operating and optimising DERs in some of the world’s most flexibility markets.

Working with large industrial and commercial energy users has given Kiwi Power an edge over the other players existing in the marketplace. The unique value proposition of the company gets more prominence through a case study where it helped one of the largest energy service providers of Switzerland. The client, ewz is a vertically-integrated electric utility that distributes and supplies energy across the city of Zurich. Keeping sustainability at the forefront, ewz is expanding the use of digital technology and provides renewable energy to all the households in its area. To fulfil the need of the hour, ewz approached Kiwi Power for establishing a quick and reliable Distributed Energy Resource business for them. By utilising Kiwi Power’s distributed energy platform, the company now offers greater value to its customers and also gained the flexibility to manage electricity supply more efficiently by cutting costs and carbon.

The future of the company looks very promising as its planning to expand its services and reach out to maximum number of people.
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Kiwi Power

London, UK

Jay Zoellner, CEO

Kiwi Power’s vision is to simplify distributed energy for global sustainability impact. The company was founded in London in 2009, and now operates globally, deploying the unique combination of technology and expertise to unlock distributed energy resource (DER) value and serve sustainable energy needs. The company collaborates with electric utilities, distribution system operators, energy storage owners and aggregators to quickly and cost efficiently establish a reliable DER business. The cutting-edge platform of Kiwi Power is active in over 10 countries, optimising and monetising over 1GW of DERs