KingoBio: Elevating Accuracy in Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases

Jinyeop Lee, CEO, KingoBioJinyeop Lee, CEO
The correct diagnosis of any disease or condition is essential to treating it. That being said, diagnosis errors can have fatal outcomes for patients and those surrounding them if the disease is infectious. In the same vein, many Covid-19 positive patients were declared negative over the past two years due to incorrect diagnoses. These false negative reports not only delayed the delivery of care for infected patients but they also caused an uptick in the spread of infection. This is where South Korea-based KingoBio makes a difference by changing the dynamics of diagnostics. The company has introduced a platform that improves the accuracy in diagnosis of infectious diseases such as Covid-19. The company’s CEO, Jinyeop Lee adds, “The false negatives are caused by the technical limitation of the combination of DNA extraction process. Hence, we focused on the developing a solution to eliminate this problem and introduced our enrichment-based DNA extraction platform, ExTron.”

ExTron is an on-site diagnosis and personalized diagnostic system that has improved the diagnosis of several conditions across a multitude of healthcare institutions. The platform’s sample preparation system enhances the molecular diagnostic sensitivity significantly, reducing the possibility of false negatives to a great extent. By detecting bacteria within three hours without the need to draw blood cultures, the platform ensures utmost accuracy in verifying sepsis.
ExTron allows efficient sample preparation that separates and preconcentrates target substances such as bacteria, virus, and cells from complex samples and extracts nucleic acids. As a result, the platform helps control the movement of the magnetic particles, working in tandem to detect infectious pathogens. KingoBio also offers a 3D-printed modular microfluidic device enabling preconcentration of bacteria and purification of bacterial DNA in blood to improve the sensitivity of molecular diagnostics. The platform preconcentrates the bacteria of interest in whole blood and purifies the genomic DNA (gDNA).

Additionally, KingoBio is focused on providing a solution for the point of care testing. “We plan to develop the point of care testing device in the next five years that can be used at home for chronic disease with ExTron platform,” mentions Lee. The company has a team of talented and adept professionals with in-depth knowledge of clinical engineering, who make it possible to realize such goals. Their consistent efforts and knowledge combined with Lee’s expertise and experience in biomedical engineering has also made it possible for the company to come a long way in the diagnostics segment, partnering with a vast network of healthcare centers.
  • The company’s vision is to be a global biotechnology company that protects every individual’s well-being

With its self-preparation platform and molecular diagnostics capabilities, KingoBio is rightly positioned in the industry to change the dynamics of diagnosis of infectious diseases. Over the years, it has garnered a vast client base comprising molecular diagnostics companies and hospitals as well as the blood bank centers. By empowering entities with their self-preparation platform, KingoBio ensures accurate diagnosis of diseases, and is currently working toward realizing its vision to be a global biotechnology company. With their solutions, the company is on a mission to protect every individual’s well-being and they intend to develop commercialized devices that can perform both diagnosis and treatment.
KingoBio then is empowering hospitals and medical centres to ensure accurate and timely diagnosis, which is essential to delivering the right care to patients in a timely manner.
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Suwon, South Korea

Jinyeop Lee, CEO

Changing the dynamics of diagnosis with its rapid diagnostic platform