Blue White Robotics: Bringing Sustainable Autonomy into Agriculture

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Ben Alfi, Managing Founder and CEO, Blue White RoboticsBen Alfi, Managing Founder and CEO
A fleet of driverless robotic tractors seamlessly disks and mows the ground, and sprays the crops while a single human operator monitors their performance through an interactive interface on his tablet; this is what smart agriculture will soon look like. The industry, which was lagging in digitalization until now, is quickly stepping into the realm of technology-driven agricultural processes. Blue, White Robotics, a provider of nextgen tech solutions, contributes to this innovation drive.

The company’s Innovative automation capabilities can be traced to Blue White Robotics’ three founders, who once specialized in developing strategic and tactical unmanned systems in the Israeli Air Force. Applying their acquired knowledge and expertise in the agricultural realm, Blue White Robotics designed, developed, and launched their revolutionary robot-asa- service (RaaS) platform. Currently based and operating in California, the company is now using its platform to automate agricultural operations for permanent crops, orchards, and vineyards.

“We leverage our RaaS platform to retrofit agricultural machines and automate a broad range of agricultural operations, including disking and spraying,” says Ben Alfi, founder, and CEO of Blue White Robotics.

Rather than developing automation equipment from scratch, the company integrates cutting-edge sensors and autonomous control units into existing agricultural equipment, ranging from tractors to drones. As a result, farmers don’t have to invest in new and expensive equipment.
These integrations are augmented with robust AI algorithms, facilitating the continuous collection of data from the fields. Based on this data, the control units enable the autonomous functioning of multiple tasks and crops. Blue, White Robotics’ created ultrahigh precision navigation and realtime situational awareness, leveraging multi-sensor fusion (LiDAR & cameras, computing, and navigation systems) that ensure the automated fleets perform in different weather conditions, delivering unparalleled productivity, precision, and safety.

The actionable insights collected by the autonomous equipment are also accessible through the operator’s device, helping farmers analyze the quality of their crops under different conditions. They can use Blue White Robotics’ autonomous fleet of farm machines to optimize their agricultural processes based on the patterns.
  • We leverage our RaaS platform to retrofit agricultural machines and automate various agricultural operations, including spraying and harvesting

Such capabilities empower countless farmers to ramp up their productivity without worrying about labor shortages or unfavorable climates. Blue, White Robotics supports clients, with a unique Robot as a service approach that supports the client end to end from first implementations until creating the 21-century sustainable farm from implementation to end-of-life of the autonomous equipment, saving farmers from depending on different vendors and service providers for maintenance., if they run onto equipment problems. Blue White Robotics offers 24/7 support, ensuring the grower’s peace of mind, that any issues in the automated infrastructure are resolved in the shortest possible time. On top of that, their on-site training is designed to help operators acquire all the knowledge and skills needed to unlock the full potential of their smart farming infrastructure.

The company is making its mark in smart farming today by bolstering sustainability. The data generated from the autonomous fleet enables farmers to reduce carbon footprint, diesel usage, fertilizers, and chemical usage, hence their dependence on chemicals and optimize fertilizers, helping better yields while promoting food and environmental safety. In the coming months, the company will further enhance the capabilities of its RaaS platform by partnering with global technology leaders and adding upgrades that will increase the range of operations performed by autonomous fleets. The agricultural revolution envisioned by Blue White Robotics and its founders is still underway, and their progress will inspire more innovators to introduce more intelligent solutions to the agricultural sector.
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Blue White Robotics

Tel Aviv, Israel

Ben Alfi, Managing Founder and CEO

Blue White Robotics’ software platform plans and manages the year-round agricultural operations of its clients, while its robotics hardware completely automates their existing farming equipment.

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