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Patrick Joubert, CEO, Beamap ParisPatrick Joubert, CEO
In the past, developers who needed to write large-scale applications required exclusive access to on-premise computing, networking, and storage infrastructure to test and deploy applications. The advent of cloud technology has given developers the gift of remotely accessing computing resources around the world. The cloud also provides much greater access to APIs and the services associated with them. This dramatically simplifies how developers can access APIs and empowers them to innovate existing technology further using these APIs. The technology has spurred a new breed of startups that hold the potential of proper cloud enablement and is transforming business operations around the world. Beamap is one such startup driven by the intuition that cloud computing is set to disrupt the business world in the near future.

Founded in 2011 by experts in IT and change management, the company snowballed and was acquired by a European leader in digital transformation—Sopra Steria—as their strategic cloud consulting firm. Since then, Beamap has led more than 100 cloud missions with large companies, mainly in the CAC 40. The dramatic growth in cloud computing over the last decade runs parallel to the increasing complexity that the advertising and marketing industries have experienced over this same period.

With a ‘cloud first’ policy, Beamap’s consulting services encompass optimising cloud strategy, cloud sourcing, and helping consumers migrate efficiently to a cloud network

With most companies using cloud computing in some shape or form proactively as part of their technology strategy, they need a dependable partner that stays by their side through the entire cloud journey. Beamap’s agile culture and startup spirit combined with its expertise in security, network, and cloud marketing make the company a fitting candidate for that role.

With a ‘cloud first’ policy, Beamap’s consulting services encompass optimising cloud strategy, cloud sourcing, and helping consumers migrate efficiently to a cloud network. The company’s cloud strategy defines how resources will be allocated to the cloud, such that cloud computing can be deployed to deliver differentiated value to an organisation’s customers. As a certified AWS partner, Beamap helps increase the storage capacity for client data, ensuring that their data needs are always met. Through this service, companies can easily scale their business applications and operations according to demand at a lower cost than the alternative. Scaling up or down is affordable and flexible, as organisations need only pay for what they use. Centralised data stored within the cloud allows anyone to access the same piece of information from different locations around the world. This solution helps save time when it comes to reaching a resolution surrounding an issue. Beamap’s cloud computing services enhance productivity and save costs by allowing workers to get more done over a shorter period.

An outstanding quality in each of Beamap’s cloud computing services is that every aspect offers full transparency and control for users, through a unique combination of technologies and architectural design. As edge computing architectures and server virtualisation continue to transform the ways companies think about their infrastructure, many organisations are shifting away from relying entirely on public cloud providers. This is why Beamap’ services extend to private and hybrid cloud designs as well. Integrating IoT, blockchain, deep learning, and machine learning into its capabilities, the company shows promise in an ever-changing cloud landscape. With scalable power and flexible services, cloud computing strategies will undoubtedly continue to be a considerable part of every organisation’s network strategy in the coming years.
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Beamap Paris

Paris, France

Patrick Joubert, CEO

Beamap was born in 2011, with the intuition that cloud computing would deeply affect the business world, starting with the IT department. Since 2014, Beamap has been the strategic cloud consulting firm of Sopra Steria, the European leader in digital transformation.Experts in IT strategy and change management Major account and public customers: BNPP, Société Générale, General Electric, Thalès, Veolia, Total, Assurance Maladie, etc 100 missions within CIOs: holding company, branches, professions

Beamap Paris