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Golden Chen, General Manager, AirQualityGolden Chen, General Manager
Amid the ongoing climate change and growing cases of the COVID-19 pandemic giving way for more air pollutants, clean and safe breathing environment is becoming a necessary commodity for humankind. Especially after COVID 19, the traditional air purifiers are facing tremendous challenges in tackling the pathogens and unwanted micro particles lurking in the air. The modern world urgently needs a new type of air purifying technology designed to tackle the unprecedented turn of events in the environment and the growing susceptibility of human beings to pandemics.

AirQuality, a Shanghai-based company, is on a mission to provide clean and safe air for everyone to breathe. Through its wide range of air purification and air sterilization solutions built on micro-electrostatic (MESP) technology, AirQuality turns air conditioners into air purifiers, cost-efficiently. The company’s intelligent purifiers and air detectors are built on an advanced filtering technology that takes air purification to a new level. It is superior to its competitors in several areas, including efficiency, service and maintenance cost, safety, and noise level. What’s more, these products are washable, which improves their lifespan and saves users cost. “All our products are designed and developed keeping user experience as the starting point. And they have been certified by China-based National Test Institution and some international institutions,” says Golden Chen, General Manager of AirQuality. Besides, the products are highly recognized in the US and approved by the Japanese Institute of Research.
To meet the unique needs of its global clientele, AirQuality adapts to the country-specific specifications and design requirements. And its professional R&D team with advanced scientific research equipment in Shanghai plays a significant role to that end. The center comprises laboratories that test clean air delivery rate (CADR), reliability, and temporary overvoltage of the air purifiers. Operated by highly experienced engineers and scientists from China, Spain, and Norway, the center ensures high security and efficiency of the products. “During the early R&D stage, we conduct repeated performance test, and during the later phase, an extensive operation test on trial samples is run,” explains Chen.

Our products are based on MESP technology, designed and developed with user experience as the starting point, and enabled with the necessary certifications

As challenges grow for humanity in the form of natural disasters and diseases, AirQuality focuses on ground-breaking developments to provide communities with superior air quality. Such a devoted business strategy has won the company several accolades, including Golden Tripod Award of National Air Purification Industry as ‘manufacturer with innovative design and ingenuous craft.’ Today, industry sectors such as luxury residential buildings, corporate office buildings, hospitals, airports, and municipal facilities leverage the company’s offerings for better living.

A case in point, AirQuality’s solutions proved highly beneficial for China’s Xizi Hotel that hosted the reputed G20 summit in September 2016, attended by top world leaders. In the beginning, the hotel was concerned about its traditional central air conditioning system, because this system complied with the second grade of PM2.5 national standards, which was not sufficient. Besides, the system was contaminated with dust and insects in the air duct. The meeting was scheduled for September, which often sees a spurt in diseases such as measles, Ebola, and pneumonia. It was a priority for the hotel management to keep the air sterilized 24x7 to prevent any infection from raising its head. AirQuality’s innovative MESP air purifier emerged as the most viable answer for Xizi Hotel to solve all their problems.

As part of its vision to deliver value to global communities, AirQuality demonstrates social responsibility through its deeds. When COVID-19 broke out, the company donated a large number of air sterilizers to several hospitals and care centers treating patients infected by the novel coronavirus across China, Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia. With such passion, AirQuality will continue to explore new ways to redefine healthy breathing globally, beginning with medical and railways domains in the overseas markets. The company also aims to enter air purifier markets across North America, India, Malaysia, and Japan.
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Shanghai, China

Golden Chen, General Manager

AirQuality helps communities breathe clean air through its wide range of air purification solutions driven by scientific research and development, allowing people to breathe clear air