Check how these Techniques are Revolutionizing the Green Cloud Computing Space
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Green cloud computing refers to the effective use of computers and other prevalent technologies while considering the environment through energy efficient peripherals, improved resources use, and alleviate electronic waste. FREMONT, CA: Green...

Discovering Content through the Cloud
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Murray Kirk, Head of Cloud Services, YouView

Recent developments in technologies and transformations in Cloud Solutions are changing the face of how TV and broadcast work, both visibly and behind the scenes. "We’re integrating our cloud-based metadata services with Alexa and...

Realizing Public Cloud Ambitions with a Hybrid Approach
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Luke Harrigan, Global Vice President, Capgemini Cloud Platform

What has happened to the big migration to public cloud? Just five years ago, it seemed inevitable that enterprise after enterprise would be migrating to public cloud platforms and data centers would be a thing of the past. This expectation has not...

Operation Excellence Through Virtualization: America's Oldest Bank Takes on the Future of VMware Integration
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Jim Mignone, SVP & CIO and Daryl Clark, VP & Director of Technology, Washington Trust

Founded in 1800, Washington Trust (NASDAQ: WASH) is the oldest community bank in the nation. That record of longevity comes with a responsibility to innovate and adapt to ever-changing operational and technology needs. The vast improvements to...

The New Phase of Industry 4.0
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FREMONT, CA: The evolution of the manufacturing sector has witnessed many phases. The first revolution introduced the world to steam-powered engines; the second introduced to the steel and electric factories, the third brought in automation...

Cloud Catching Light SMBs Need to Choose
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FREMONT, CA: Cloud technology has gained attention to an intensity where many virtualization management tools have converted to being cloud-focused. SMBs, which cannot move their data, find themselves in a blind spot with increasing workloads....

Optimization of the Cloud Storage Platform
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FREMONT, CA – The successful adoption of a multi-cloud strategy depends on its seamless integration, networking, and systems management capabilities. A multi-cloud strategy is as efficient as the cloud platform hosting it....

The New Wave of Technology
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Roman Trakhtenberg, CEO, Luxoft

Challenges in Technology We are the technology providers for enterprises, not sure whether we can comment on behalf of clients. “Furthermore, there has been a drastic shift in the mix between the apportionment of hardware and software...

Advantages of Using Order Management System in Omnichannel Retail
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Omnichannel retail is gradually garnering recognition from the retailers as it improves the customer experience by offering more channels for a product purchase. It allows retailers to build a modern supply chain to cater to changing...

ZEDEDA Bags $16 Million to Enhance Edge Computing Solutions
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ZEDEDA, a Santa Clara, CA-based company that is pioneering a cloud-native approach to control, visibility, and security of edge applications, raises $16 million in a series A funding round. The company will use the funding to scale its...

The "Cloud First" Approach to Life Sciences
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Sunil Anand, CIO, Jubilant Pharma

Traditionally, financial services and pharmaceutical organizations are not early adopters of the cloud. Just over 5 years ago, one would see frowns and dismissive eyes, when cloud vendors would present their value proposition. The world has since,...

Successful IT Management to Incorporate Personal Devices
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Ken Ingle, CIO, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College

For a number of years IT in most organizations was based on a single word, control. Everything within the IT organization revolved around control. The central IT group was all about control of access, control of equipment, control of software, and...

Remote Office Monitoring and Management
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Today, at many organizations, the network that connects headquarters to remote offices/branch offices (ROBOs) has become crucial to maintaining smooth, uninterrupted business operations. The network plays an essential role. Traditional data center...

Next-Gen Wireless Trends Every CIO Needs to Know
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Dr. Derek Peterson, CTO, Boingo Wireless

Global IT spending will reach $3.7 trillion in 2018, up 4.5 percent from 2017, as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain drive growth, according to Gartner. At the center of new innovations impacting the...

CIOs should remain Connected to Organizational Leadership and Customers
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Bruce. D. Smith, SVP & CIO, Information Systems, Advocate Health Care

Despite the advantages, technology is yet to develop to its full potential, in terms of solving challenges connected with large healthcare organizations. The interoperability between systems has been a barrier, which inhibits the data movement and...

Accelerating the Tour de France with a Revolutionary Viewing Experience
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Pam Casale, SVP, ITaaS, Cloud Portfolio, Dimension Data

Technology is changing every facet of how we live – how we shop, travel, bank and get medical care. It’s not surprising that technology is changing the way we enjoy our favorite sports. Thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices,...

Transforming IT Infrastructure to Enhance Customer Service
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Steven John, CIO, AmeriPride

AmeriPride Services is a leading uniform rental and linen supply company in North America that provides linen, uniforms, floor care, restroom and cleaning products to nearly 150,000 customers each week and employs approximately 5,700. Founded in...

Laying the Foundation for 5G
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Ray Butler, VP Wireless Network Engineering, CommScope

Current trends in the wireless industry can be thought of as a prelude to 5G. Now is the time when mobile network operators (MNOs) are laying the groundwork for the future while monetizing and managing their existing investments. Wireless networks...

Advanced Therapies for Patients Suffering from PAH
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Shola Oyewole, CIO, United Therapeutics Corporation [NASDAQ:UTHR]

I am an information systems professional of 30 years, having worked in several industries including technology, education, non-profit, government, news media, and consulting. I currently serve as CIO for United Therapeutics (UT), a...

Convergence of 'the Cloud' and Laboratory Science
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Mark Burke, CIO, Accelerated Technology Laboratories

Organizations across the spectrum of disciplines are slowly making use of cloud technologies, and some areas are adopting faster than others. Biotechnology is an industry sector that is slower than most to leverage the advantages of Cloud...