How Action Streamer's Miniaturized POV Live Streaming Technology is Bringing Fans Closer Their Favorite Sports and Athletes than Ever Before
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Dhani Jones, EVP Business Development, Rock Ventures LLC

When Startup City approached me about writing an editorial on the Wearable’s market, it felt fitting to highlight a wearable live streaming technology that is disrupting the sports & entertainment space. And it also happens to be a...

Sports Industry is Taking a Leap with Drone Technology
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Additional and unique features make drones a significant aspect in future sports broadcasting industry.   FREMONT, CA: Once created as a futuristic concept toy, the drone technology is being mistaken as an innovative facade by...

Technology Parades through New Possibilities, Reshaping the Future of Sports
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Technology raises the bar for every industry to rise, and sports are already reaching remarkable heights. FREMONT, CA: Technology has amazed the world by delivering un-imaginable possibilities day by day. Today, the sports eco-system is...

Use of Drone Technology in Classroom
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Instilling drone technology in instruction for students will help in more engagement and better understanding. FREMONT, CA: The use of drone technology in the instruction can give learning a different meaning altogether, almost...

Pixellot Join Forces with FloSports to Automate Sports Production
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Yossi Tarablus, Director of Marketing

The partnership will enable FloSports to leverage Pixellot’s AI sports production solutions to live broadcast enhanced coverage of over 700 games on FloHoops FREMONT, CA:  Sports Broadcasting has often been held back by the mediocre...

5G-the Lightning Fast Technology for Future Sports
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With speed exceeding the present inter-connective technology, the 5G integrated into sports will unlock several applications which are necessary for the future generation  FREMONT, CA: Whether being notified of your favorite...

AI in Fitness and Wellness
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The introduction of technology in the area of fitness and wellness began with the production of electronic workout equipment like heart rate monitors, and in recent times, wearable devices. With AI technology being efficient, the combination of...

The Digital and IP Rise and Reign Over Sports Broadcast
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Michael Davies, SVP-Field & Technical Operations, FOX Sports Media Group

IP technology in sports broadcast is increasing its stature in playing game-changing role in sports broadcast technology. While the largest sports broadcasts have been placing a growing reliance on IP to enhance and grow, the smaller broadcasts...

Reinventing the Accelerator Model
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Michael Proman, Managing Director, Scrum Ventures, Sports Tech Tokyo

Last month, we concluded the application phase for the inaugural SPORTS TECH TOKYO program - a milestone we collaboratively achieved with our partner, Dentsu - that brings together the best and most promising sports tech companies in the same way...

Next-Gen Sports with Technology Integration
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Nicholas Horbaczewski, Founder & CEO, Drone Racing League

Nicholas Horbaczewski founded the Drone Racing League (DRL), the global, premier drone racing circuit, in early 2015, and now supervises the growth, innovation in the development, and execution of technology. Drone Racing League publicly...

At the Crossroads of Sports and Technology
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Jerry McGlynn, CIO, Specialized Bicycle Components

It would be great if you could draw a picture of the current technology landscape in the Sports domain; any recent technology-news or facts that you found out very promising or revolutionizing to this space? The current sports technology...

Data Analytics in Sports Technology
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Loren Straub, Principal, Bowery Capital

How Analytics Is Changing the Field of Sports? It’s no secret that the growth of machine learning has the potential to revolutionise the sports world. One of the biggest areas wehave been viewing that change is in analytics. From...

Creating Sports as a New Asset Class How Venture Capital Meet Sports in the Intersection of Blockchain
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Gayatri Sarkar, General Partner, SportVEST VC Fund

The global sports economy has risen to more than $1 trillion with an infusion of investment from Silicon Valley in recent years as technology continues to permeate every sector of society. Investment in sports-related startups by venture capital...

On the Crest of Blockchain: Advancing Sports Industry
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Real-time assessment and increased popularity has led to blockchain lately being leveraged in the sports landscape. “All sports public blockchain,” commonly known as a sun-rising industry, employs blockchain technology to fill the...

Technology's Role in Revamping the Sports Industry
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Technology and sports are combined today like never before. In 2018, technological advances in sports had showered many positive results like sports betting legalization, increase in biometric ID, and mobile ticketing. The use of VAR...

How smart technology elevates sports
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Today advanced technologies have been impacted sports remarkably. The use of wearable technology, big data analytics, and sensor technology has revolutionized the way of playing sports and analyzing it. Athletes, coaches, and sports physicians are...

FanFood Secures a Funding of $2Million from Phoenix Sports Partners
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FanFood, a Chicago IL-based mobile ordering platform raises $2 million in new funding from Phoenix Sports Partners to grow its footprint. Phoenix Sports Partners is a Chicago based sports technology, media, and marketing Investment Company whose...

Bringing the Online Gaming and Betting to the Masses
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Warren Steven, Senior Director, Product and Operations - Online Gaming, Landry's

Online gaming and online sports betting in the US are finally converging with today’s brick and mortar casinos. It has been a gradual process, but the technology that advances online platforms are seeing more in-depth integrations into the...

IT Set to Go on the Offensive in the Sports Industry
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Renato Reis, CIO, Orlando City SC

What I hear most often when discussing sports business strategy is that the biggest asset of a sports organization is on the field. Well, as important as star players and championship hardware are to drive the business toward success and...

Building a Brand Value Proposition through Statistically Designed Experimentation
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Alison Burnham, CIO, ScoreBig

To give this article some context I will start with a description of ScoreBig. We are a completely new kind of live event ticketing company. We work directly with the biggest names in sports and entertainment to get exclusive access to great...