2020 will see the Embedded Systems Market reaching $214 Billion
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From the inception in 2013 till now, the market grows at an annual rate of six percent from $140 billion to $214 billion. FREMONT, CA: Million Insights, the marketing research database and provider of end-to-end market resolution analysis, has...

The threat spectrum for Connected Car Security
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Smart cars are the future of the transport industry. Smart cars are equipped with many innovative features to reduce traffic congestion and prevent fatal accidents. While these features have helped to enhance vehicle safety...

Uncovering the New world of Blockchain
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Ronen Nir, General Partner, Viola Ventures

2018 will be full of significant, if not unparalleled, opportunities for startups that were virtually non-existent even a couple of years ago. Blockchain went from an obsession of a few libertarian crypto-nerds to overnight sensation, and voice...

The Application of Disciplined IT Processes and Methodologies within Healthcare
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Kelly Summers, SVP & CIO, Maricopa Integrated Health System

In previous industry articles I have authored, I consistently begin with a brief description of my experience. In this article, I do the same with the sincerest objective that the techniques, processes, and methodologies I’ve applied...