Enterprise Use Cases of AR that CIOs Can Deploy
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When some real-world use cases of AR are examined, several avenues for CIOs to deploy the technology arises. Let's have a check  Fremont, CA: Augmented Reality (AR), at present, is one of the major technologies utilized in day-to-day...

Explosive Growth of AgTech Sector Boosts Global Fresh Food Supply
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Vonnie Estes, VP of Technology, Produce Marketing Association

Farming is easy, said no one ever; and today, farming is even more complex. The fresh food supply chain has long been challenged to deliver highly perishable products to market, by forces including weather vagaries and labor shortages. Our...

RealWear Boosts its Total Private Funding to Over $100M with Series B
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The recent funding will enable RealWear to expand its market and enhance its offerings for the connected workforce. FREMONT, CA: RealWear, a developer of knowledge transfer and training platforms, recently closed $80 million Series B...

Pioneering Production and Delivery Solutions to Address the Complexities of Cell Therapy
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Christina Yi, Chief Operations Officer, Dendreon

Regardless of your industry, one of the most exciting and sometimes scary aspects of creating something that has never existed before is determining where and how to begin the process – as well as how to evolve and maintain the relevancy of...

Plan Well Before Investing in a Start-up
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Investment plans are crucial for a business. An investor must weigh several factors before financing a business as the consequences are far reaching in terms of finances and investment.  FREMONT, CA: In the field of asset...

Why Real Estate Sector Needs Smart Facility Management?
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When the millennial generation leverages digital devices on every turn, it expects the workplace to be smart as well. FREMONT, CA: The millennial generation bloomed in the cradle of technology. Over the last few years, the rise in the...

When it Comes to Talent Acquisition, Data and Analytics go Hand in Hand
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With a data-driven approach and implementation of analytics, HR personnel can make more strategic decisions and achieve a competitive advantage. FREMONT, CA: Organizations are relying on HR departments for acquiring high performing talent. To...

Technology can Promote Diversity in the Workplace!
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Technologies such as virtual reality (VR) assist organizations in simulating scenarios on educating the employees about inappropriate behavior. FREMONT, CA: Organizations across the world are taking steps to diversify their workforce....

Decoding the Evolution of Blockchain
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FREMONT, CA: Researchers and professionals have classified current advancements in the digital technology field into two main groups. The first one is about to bring radical transformations, and the second has abilities for value additions to...

Answering Today's DR Requirements in the Cloud
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Mike Grossman,CEO,Zetta

Disaster recovery (DR) is a top CIO priority. In fact, according to Enterprise Strategy Group, improving data backup and restore is the second highest IT priority following security initiatives. Yet, according to IDC as many as 50...

An Insight Into Big Data-Driven Package System
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The world is bound by tech-driven innovations with the increased dependence on phones, watches and other such devices. Data is the fundamental force, backing the evolution of technology. However, people do not utilize all the information...

Digital & IoT are Changing the Travel Industry, One App at a Time
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David Tossell, VP - Travel & Hospitality, DataArt

There is a changing perception among hoteliers. The industry has realized that consumers are placing equal value on whether they can grab a latte to go in the lobby vs. whether the hotel offers the ability to order room service via an iPad...

Data Analytics in Sports Technology
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Loren Straub, Principal, Bowery Capital

How Analytics Is Changing the Field of Sports? It’s no secret that the growth of machine learning has the potential to revolutionise the sports world. One of the biggest areas wehave been viewing that change is in analytics. From...

Digital Operations Transformation with Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Five Factors Every Enterprise Must Consider for Successful ROI
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Vinay Mummigatti, Enterprise Head of Robotic Process Automation and BPM - Technology, Solutions, and Architecture, Bank of America

Legacy operations landscape and the “last mile” challenge Most enterprises are spending a big part of their IT efforts in reducing operational costs and improving customer engagement. However, their efforts sometimes yield only...

Text Analytics: The Art of the Possible
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Dr. Anne Hunt, EVP Products, Finch Computing

Text books, novels, newspapers. Blogs, webpages, email, text messages. Poetry, rap, sarcasm, jokes… journals, symposia. If there’s one thing that distinguishes human beings from all other beings on this planet, it’s that...

AI Technology is Becoming Indispensable for Business Success
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As artificial intelligence almost addresses all the business requirements, its adoption is being witnessed globally. AI has grown its reputation amid various organizations and has proved to be an asset as it transforms the business operations to...

The Future of Predictive Analytics in Retail
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Technological change across every industry is unprecedented. Devices such as smartphones are ubiquitous and an integral part of people’s lives. Predictive analytics and the ability to combine data elements to predict the future...

Smart Cities: Planning for Tomorrow Must Start Today
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Anton D. (Tony) Batalla, Head of IT, City of San Leandro

It’s an exciting time to be working in government. Public-sector CIOs & Innovators and solutions providers tend to talk about smart cities in terms of the future: autonomous cars, artificial intelligence / machine learning, 5G,...

Smart City: A Journey of Collective Efforts
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Bob Bennett, CIO, City of Kansas City, MO

The opportunities we seek are as varied as the number of people who walk our streets and live in our dwellings and can include deals to be made, jobs to begin or the development of the next generation. When a city transitions from being a...

Is the Internet of Things the Next Industrial Revolution?
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Francois Estellon, VP-IT, Gardner Denver

Like many major technology trends (Service based solutions, mobility, etc), the Internet of Things (IoT) is, in its infancy, slowly getting more interest in Industrial Companies. For years, sensors and data capture capabilities have been designed,...