Adding an edge to Retail Solutions with Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning
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Data is the most valuable resource for retail industry and it enahnces decision making process in business operations. A new wave of technological advancements includes machine learning and predictive analytics which are beneficial in...

Transforming Businesses with Predictive Analytics
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An organization can improve its operations with the help of data-driven business forecast about unknown future events and risks. Hence, operational analytics and predictive analytics are fast becoming essential parts of many organizations to tap...

Reconstructing Business processes with Predictive Analytics
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Having a good data science team is a must for all the organizations as it helps in improving the company’s business processes. These newly available tools allow enterprises to do things which were not possible initially like recommending...

Targeting Analytics to Realize the Value of IoT: 3 Key Elements to Make it Work
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Lionel Chocron, Vice President Industry and IoT Solutions, Oracle

There’s no question the IoT market is expanding–an estimated 50 billion devices will be connected by 2018 and the market is poised to reach $3 trillion by 2020. There’s still a lot to discover about IoT, but we know it’s...

Cutting-Edge Technologies Help Create Improved Insurance Claims Experience
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Steve Hatch, Chief Claims Officer, Zurich North America

Innovations in our homes, at work, and at play improve the quality of our lives. New technologies continue to change and have evolved from fire and the invention of the wheel, to the development of the assembly line, the internet and the use of...

Four Ways How Technology is Transforming Insurance
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Chris Holcombe, VP, Group Claims Technology & Operations, Chubb

One of the key drivers of technological disruption in the current era is the ability to fulfill client expectations by creating a user experience designed to be frictionless, instantaneous, and mobile. And while some might view insurance as a...