Cloud Computing and Serverless Computing Working Together
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Serverless computing is the biggest hit of the year in the cloud. Computing domain has conveyed it all in detail FREMONT, CA: Serverless computing is a central architecture model in which the code execution is managed as a whole by a cloud...

Healthcare and its Vulnerability to Cyber Threat
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Isabel Fox, General Partner and Co-Founder, Luminous Ventures

As an investor, we are hugely excited by the succession of breakthrough technologies we see coming out of the healthcare space where start-ups are, undoubtedly, the future of such enterprise. But on top of the financial pressures of scaling...

Five Lessons in improving customer services from my 10 years in Startups
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Todd Waren, MD, Divergent Ventures

Ten years ago, I left Microsoft, and began teaching a startup course at Northwestern. Because of that, I caught the startup bug and joined Divergent Ventures, where I have been investing since 2010. Here are Five Lessons about serving customers I...

Reinventing IoT Offerings with Cloud Computing
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Technology is transforming the industrial world. Cloud computing has permeated the mainstream of IT and provides scalability in the delivery of Software as a Service (SaaS) and enterprise applications. Businesses are now transferring their...

9 Ways CIOs Can Tackle The Intersection Of Industry 4.0 And Smart Cities
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As Industry 4.0 revolutionizes almost every sector in manufacturing, the chances of its effect solidifying in smart cities development plan is high. In order to ace yet another test, the CIOs need to equip themselves with the following ideas....

Role of CIO in Business Development and Innovations
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David Beckerman, SVP and CIO, The Pasha Group

At a recent executive summit, I presented a historical perspective of IT spend layered across our enterprise business capabilities. The story was consistent; technology investment drives significant business results. There was a direct connection...

IoT and AI, Big Data, and Augmented Reality in Wearable Devices
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Markus Vogt, Director, Segment Healthcare and Personal Devices, EBV Elektronik

In 2013 and 2014, the first activity trackers, such as Fitbit Zip Clip and Withings Pulse, were introduced at CES and hit the market a few months later. It was the start of a lot of hype around collecting data about your daily level of activity....

PropTech is Embracing Technological Advances: Here is How
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The factors that have brought a paradigm shift in the PropTech Industry in 2019 are explained FREMONT, CA:  The increased participation of incumbents and their strive to explore new arenas of possibilities have resulted in the significant...

Factors that Slingshot Smart Cities in APAC
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The adoption of smart city  systems make the cities healthier, safer, and more prosperous. Asia-Pacific (APAC) has accelerated to the front of the line, courtesy of the recent paradigm shifts. FREMONT, CA: The concept of smart city...

China Embracing Connected Health
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Geoff Feakes, Group CIO, Tunstall Healthcare

With almost 1.4 billion people, and an increasingly ageing population, China’s healthcare services are facing an enormous challenge. It is estimated that in the next 30 years, the proportion of China’s population over 65 will rise to...

8 Key Technologies that Aid CIOs to Untap Their Business Potential Using Data Analytics
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Not only can data analytics tell the person if they are successful in their market, but will also provide insights into the ever evolving market trends FREMONT, CA: Data analytics is rapidly becoming the lifeblood of IT. Big data, machine...

The Rising Tide of Technologies
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Bill Kloster, CIO, SEH

Exploiting Big Data The construction companies embracing the reality that readily accessible and usable data provides business value are better positioned to compete and grow. Here are a few ways construction companies can leverage expansive...

New Connections in the Internet of Things: How AgTech is Inspiring and Acting on the Need for More Flexible IoT Systems
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Connor Reed, Intern, Agritecture Consulting

Imagine the toil of history’s first indoor farmers, whose labor was spent manually adjusting lights, watering plants, preventing disease and pest outbreaks, and ventilating their grow spaces. If they weren’t already growing their crops...

Here's why US-based Startup, Smartiply Prefers the Indian Market
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In India, the number of IoT connected devices is expected to reach up to 1.9 billion, and US-based IoT startup Smartiply has decided to expand its market in India. FREMONT, CA: Internet of things (IoT) is immensely shaping the current business...

RealWear Boosts its Total Private Funding to Over $100M with Series B
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The recent funding will enable RealWear to expand its market and enhance its offerings for the connected workforce. FREMONT, CA: RealWear, a developer of knowledge transfer and training platforms, recently closed $80 million Series B...

Industries at the Edge of Wearable Technology!
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Wearable technology is rapidly covering the global market to deliver seamless services across various industries.  FREMONT, CA: With emerging technology advances, the connected wearable ecosystem has significantly found its place...

Helix Semiconductors' MxC 200 DC-DC Power ICs to be Distributed by Digi-Key
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Harold A. Blomquist, President & CEO

With the inclusion of Digi-Key, Helix Semiconductors’ MxC 200 DC-DC Power ICs will be distributed globally. FREMONT, CA: In order to distribute its products globally, Helix Semiconductors, a fabless power semiconductor company, entered...

Impact of IoT on Supply Chain Management
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IoT technology has immensely impacted the supply chain management in meeting the growing demands of customers like transparency and visibility. FREMONT, CA: The ever-evolving internet of things (IoT) is trending in the market, where...

How does IoT technology help in Tracking Aquatic Animals?
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IoT sensors can enable a bunch of possibilities in the aquatic animal tracking domain. FREMONT, CA:  The philosophy of evolution without a sensitive touch leads to chaos, and if not confined within an ethical boundary further gives...

What's Trending in Future Logistics?
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With the addition of new technology, the supply chain is becoming more efficient.   FREMONT, CA: 2019 continues to be a year that snipes technological advancement within the warehouse and distribution atmosphere. However, with the...