5 Benefits Insurance offers Startups
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As startups are more exposed to setbacks, insurance policies help them stay protected. FREMONT, CA: Setting up a business is not an easy task. Some might say that a startup starts with an idea. However, understanding the ideas is not an...

Medinas Closes $5M in Seed Funding Led by NFX, builds a Used Equipment Marketplace
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Medinas, an asset management company for hospitals, raises $5 Million for developing a platform for re-sale of Medical equipment.  FREMONT, CA: Medinas, an asset management company for hospitals, closes its oversubscribed seed funding...

Enterprise Use Cases of AR that CIOs Can Deploy
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When some real-world use cases of AR are examined, several avenues for CIOs to deploy the technology arises. Let's have a check  Fremont, CA: Augmented Reality (AR), at present, is one of the major technologies utilized in day-to-day...

Retail Cannabis Trading Startup Raises USD 23 Million in Series A Funding
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Flowhub enables dispensaries to manage complex compliance mandates, supply chain data, sales transactions, and reporting by delivering point of sale, inventory tracking, compliance and business intelligence data from a single, customizable...

Wearable Technology - The Future is Now
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Jim Lefevere, International Business Leader, Non-Insulin Therapy Solutions , Roche Diabetes Care

We have been riding the wave of emerging technology, data and ongoing disruptions for the last decade. Customers, or in this case, patients are now entitled. They have digital proficiency, increasing adoption of technology and most people are...

Explosive Growth of AgTech Sector Boosts Global Fresh Food Supply
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Vonnie Estes, VP of Technology, Produce Marketing Association

Farming is easy, said no one ever; and today, farming is even more complex. The fresh food supply chain has long been challenged to deliver highly perishable products to market, by forces including weather vagaries and labor shortages. Our...

Gates Foundation Joins Forces with Xinova to Battle Malaria in Nigeria
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The efforts of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will pave the way for innovative solutions which can mitigate the adversities of malaria ravaging the underdeveloped regions of Nigeria. FREMONT, CA: Logistics plays a crucial role in the...

The $29M Funding will Help Simulmedia Enhance its Digital Ad Offerings for Television
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The advertising company has made significant contributions to the traditional media sector, empowering advertisers to optimize their television ad campaigns. FREMONT, CA – Online advertising has taken the media industry by storm. Although...

Bringing Visibility Into the Healthcare Industry
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Steve Kiewiet, Ex-VP of Supply Chain, BJC HealthCare

Healthcare is in the business of saving lives, healing the sick, fixing the broken, curing diseases and improving the quality of life and life expectancy of our communities where we live and work. This tremendous task requires an enormous...

To Digitally Enhance Manufacturing Comprehensively
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Industry 4.0 uses intelligent technologies, which enables the goals of connecting every single machine digitally to optimize, monitor the operational reality of the process and increase production cost-effectively while reducing waste. Here is a...

Who Runs Retail? The Machines
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Michelle Grant, Head of Retailing, Euromonitor International

The arrival of Big Data and the ability to process it have led to improvements in machine learning, creating new use cases for this technology. As a result, machine learning, algorithms that execute tasks without preprogrammed rules, has become a...

Is IoT-Driven Supply Chain Vulnerable to Risks?
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Even though IoT technology is necessary for supply chain, it comes with its own set of security challenges. FREMONT, CA: As the industries move toward technological advancements, companies are getting creative with the implementation of...

Time to Get Started with IoT
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Companies implement IoT because it carries the ability to provide two-way data to applications and makes digital transformation possible. It is likely to have much higher rate of success in the company by delving into return of investments....

Analytics Process Improvement
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Mark Ziemianski, VP of Business Analytics, Children's HealthSM

With the proliferation of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems across the healthcare industry over the last decade, healthcare institutions now have more data (and data mining tools) at their fingertips...

3D Printing-The Third Industrial Revolution
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Cathy Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer, 3D Systems

Over the past 20 years, the Internet has enabled rapid mass access to information, and in the past five years, Facebook and Twitter have transformed the way we share and gather our news and experiences. Now these information and communication...

How does POS Boost Customer Service?
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FREMONT, CA: A competent POS system can have an important effect on the customer service experience. Consumers want to complete their transactions quickly and easily. The longer they have to wait in line, or for terminals to load or sync, the more...

The Influence of Industry 4.0 on Supply Chains
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FREMONT, CA: The usage of Artificial Intelligence for materials inventory and data management offers businesses a way to handle uptime and inventory costs while eliminating the manual aspect of solving real inventory count. By considering...

Industry 4.0 to Digitally Enhance Manufacturing Comprehensively
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FREMONT, CA: Industry 4.0 uses intelligent technologies, which enables the goals of connecting every single machine digitally to optimize, monitor the operational reality of the process and increase production cost-effectively while reducing...

Latest Advancements in IoT
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FREMONT, CA: The Internet of things (IoT) technology is permeating every industry. It is creating smart environments such as smart devices, homes, or offices. Most of the organizations are working toward developing technologies that will...

Food Industry: Then and Now
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FREMONT, CA: The food safety industry is changing at an exponential rate, and a new era of smarter food is going to emerge out of it where food safety modernization will be fact-based, people-led, and technology-enabled. 1. Automation...