Taking Data out of the Data Center to Build Customer-Facing Solutions in Healthcare
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Dave Henderson, CIO, Millennium Health

The current transformation in information technology can be thought of as a 5th Industrial Revolution that is affecting all business sectors, including healthcare. According to the United States Office of the National Coordinator for Health...

The Rising Tide of Technologies
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Bill Kloster, CIO, SEH

Exploiting Big Data The construction companies embracing the reality that readily accessible and usable data provides business value are better positioned to compete and grow. Here are a few ways construction companies can leverage expansive...

The Highway's Jammed With Broken Heroes on A Last Chance Power Drive
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Jonathan Alboum, CIO, The United States Department of Agriculture

"The highway’s jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive.”– Bruce Springsteen, “Born to Run” Federal CIOs would do well to keep this memorable Springsteen line in mind. Those that attempt to do it...

Scope of IT Services in Today's Business Landscape
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Holly Baumgart, Vice President-Information Technology, Sargento Foods

Journey as the VP – Information Technology Being a technology leader in today’s world is very exciting. I started my career in Information Technology (IT) but left to pursue a role in marketing strategy. While that was very...

Transform and Run Information Technology like the Business
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Kevin Parlette, VP-IT & CIO, Dana Holding Corporation

Now that the automotive industry is picking up steam after the recession, it is critical to begin leveraging technology to innovate and enable business. In 2012, I was tasked to transform Information Technology for Dana Holding Corporation. The...

Technology and Effective Communication Power Strategic Development
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David Cagigal, CIO, Wisconsin Department of Administration

There’s a misperception that an organization’s CIO who, through the strength of his or her personal vision or enlightenment somehow drags enterprise colleagues to the place where they need to be, then everything works beautifully. I...

How to Nurture a Biotech? Sometimes, Like a Teenager
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Nicholas Ventresca, SVP & CIO, ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc. [NASDAQ:ARIA]

We are at a point in time where the old perceptions of what a biotech company is and is not are beginning to exceed the rules. Where we had once thought of biotechs as needing less Information Technology solutions in comparison to big pharma, we...

The Evolving Role of IT in Retail
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Paul Scorza, CIO & EVP, Ahold USA

Over the years, we have witnessed a massive change pertaining to the role of CIOs/CXOs/CEOs depending on the organization, the industry, the business strategies, the prevailing market conditions and the financial climate in terms of business...

The Smartest Cities Leave No One Behind
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Jane Nickles, CIO, City of Greensboro

I grew up in Greensboro, and I’ve watched it grow. Now, as the City of Greensboro’s CIO, I get to help it make the transition into the smart city it needs to become to secure the future for its 285,000 residents. I believe being a...

Disruptive Trends in Manufacturing IT
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Michele C. D’Alessandro, VP & CIO, Manufacturing IT, Merck

The manufacturing world is undergoing its fourth industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, spurred by the proliferation of digital capabilities (Internet of Things), and the integration of these capabilities into existing production and...

Gaming Industry Presents Challenges for IT Professionals
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Dan Wilson, VP-IT, Golden Entertainment Inc.

The gaming industry presents many challenges for Information Technology professionals. Gaming has grown far beyond the days when gamblers slipped a few coins into a slot machine and pulled the handle. "IT professionals have to plan for the...

Advanced Therapies for Patients Suffering from PAH
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Shola Oyewole, CIO, United Therapeutics Corporation [NASDAQ:UTHR]

I am an information systems professional of 30 years, having worked in several industries including technology, education, non-profit, government, news media, and consulting. I currently serve as CIO for United Therapeutics (UT), a...

How Virtual Assistants Introduced a Smart and Easy Self-Service Channel
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Renee Castillo, Senior Director of Customer Strategy, Salt River Project

Every year SRP’s Customer Services team fields millions of calls in our award-winning call center. We wanted to make a big leap by replacing our old interactive voice response system (IVR) with emerging technology by...

Convergence of 'the Cloud' and Laboratory Science
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Mark Burke, CIO, Accelerated Technology Laboratories

Organizations across the spectrum of disciplines are slowly making use of cloud technologies, and some areas are adopting faster than others. Biotechnology is an industry sector that is slower than most to leverage the advantages of Cloud...

Know Your Technology, Know Your Risk Protect Your Food
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Barbara Leach, Senior Advisor and Director-Risk Mitigation, USDA

In the big picture, Enterprise Risk Management must be understood as an all-inclusive risk-based approach embracing the wide range of government, business, and operations that bring value to consumers and stakeholders. In the past, this...

The Application of Disciplined IT Processes and Methodologies within Healthcare
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Kelly Summers, SVP & CIO, Maricopa Integrated Health System

In previous industry articles I have authored, I consistently begin with a brief description of my experience. In this article, I do the same with the sincerest objective that the techniques, processes, and methodologies I’ve applied...

Infusing Best Practices in Insurance IT
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Scott Names, CIO, Church Mutual Insurance Company

How has the role of a CIO in the insurance space evolved over the years? Information Technology is very much at the pulse of the insurance business. There are few core business processes— encompassing claims, underwriting or finance and...