The Data Driven World
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Alex Pettit, CIO, State of Oregon

We live in a data driven world, where big data is being generated by every digital process, systems, gadgets, and sensors around us. Organizations and government agencies are adopting advanced data analytics strategy to derive real-time insights...

High-tech ways to overcome cyber threats in the retail sector
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As the retail industry is making strides, hackers’ efforts to intrude into retailers systems and application is on the rise simultaneously. Attackers are continuously coming up with tricks and tactics to raise cyber threats,...

Move to the Cloud: A New Strategy for Business Success?
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Finance Leaders always have a feeling of apprehension towards adopting the cloud technology; they are always concerned about the data security, the reliability of cloud infrastructure, availability of applications and also the costs of...

Utilizing Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing in IT Roadmap
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Chad Leverenz, Vice President, Information Technology, Mercy Housing

What does your roadmap entail? What outcomes are you targeting? The following are outcomes for the typical IT roadmap utilizing Microsoft Azure enterprise cloud computing: 1. The demise of LANs and corporate client VPNs: Local Area...

Fortify 24x7: A Shield against Threat Vectors
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Jeremy Murtishaw, CEO

Fortify 24x7 offers an array of best-of breed cybersecurity solutions and services for businesses