IoT and AI, Big Data, and Augmented Reality in Wearable Devices
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Markus Vogt, Director, Segment Healthcare and Personal Devices, EBV Elektronik

In 2013 and 2014, the first activity trackers, such as Fitbit Zip Clip and Withings Pulse, were introduced at CES and hit the market a few months later. It was the start of a lot of hype around collecting data about your daily level of activity....

Terminal Raises USD 17 Million to Set Up Remote Engineering Units
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Silicon Valley has continued to be the epicenter of technology, complemented by metropolitan cities like New York, London, and Berlin. Despite the technological convergence in these places, there seems to be a continued shortage of engineers in...

Strategies CIOs Can Rely on to Protect Their Enterprises from the Pricey Data Breaches
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Who do you think should take the blame when a data breach occurs? And what all they can do to prevent such impending cybersecurity intrusions that may devour their enterprises? Fremont, CA: The wave of data breaches continues to put the...

When it Comes to Talent Acquisition, Data and Analytics go Hand in Hand
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With a data-driven approach and implementation of analytics, HR personnel can make more strategic decisions and achieve a competitive advantage. FREMONT, CA: Organizations are relying on HR departments for acquiring high performing talent. To...

Technology can Promote Diversity in the Workplace!
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Technologies such as virtual reality (VR) assist organizations in simulating scenarios on educating the employees about inappropriate behavior. FREMONT, CA: Organizations across the world are taking steps to diversify their workforce....

eLearning Programs to Cover the ML Skills Gap
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FREMONT, CA: Machine learning (ML) has showcased unprecedented growth and benefits in firms that have strategically implemented it to leverage its essence to the fullest, especially in e-learning. Traditional corporate and institutional...

Big Data: Towards Comprehensive Business Data Management
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Business data management is now simpler than ever with the advent of smart big data analytics. From startups to established, almost every enterprise is using big data techniques to structure and organize complex data types, streamline...

The Biotech CIO Roadmap in a Sea of Change
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Amit Shah, VP of IT - Enterprise Applications & Systems, Excelitas Technologies

Anyone wif their finger on the pulse of the biotechnology industry today will tell you dat Biotech is going through a virtual tsunami of change through mergers and acquisi­tions dat are shaking the very foundation of some of the biggest...

Is RPA the Key to Sustainable Automation of Business Processes?
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Business process automation is a technology-driven aspect that aims at achieving the desired task in a cost-efficient, error-proof, and streamlined manner. In traditional systems, business process integrated with computer systems is found to be...

Artificial Intelligence-Journey towards the Center of the Enterprise
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Raman Mehta, SVP & CIO, Fabrinet [NYSE: FN]

Marc Andreessen had famously said software is eating the world. He probably had Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the back of his mind. In its simplistic form, AI enables a machine to perform human-like tasks, such as image, voice and text...

Data Visualization: A Bridge Connecting Data Scientists and Business Leaders
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Cesar Koirala, Director, Data Science (Talent Analytics), Liberty Mutual Insurance

Today, data science is being rapidly adopted by the business world; sales is utilizing advanced algorithms to predict revenues; Human Resource relies on natural language processing to hire better candidates; IT is improving your web experience...

Top LA Companies that are leading the Funding Game
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Los Angeles-based NEXT Trucking is a venture-based tech startup that aims to build the country’s largest virtual fleet. The firm has bagged $97 million in Series C Funding. The three-year-old startup has managed to raise four previous...

Rendering the Power of Integrated Biotechnology Services
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Tim Jackson, VP Technology, Advanced Clinical

Perks of Cloud in Biotechnology If a firm is NOT using the cloud, they are missing important functional gains and substantial cost savings. The benefits of cloud computing are just as valuable for the life sciences/biotech industry as...

The Business of Service Management
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Mitch Kenfield, Principal, CIO Advisory practice, KPMG US

IT organizations face formidable challenges. To meet them, they must focus on becoming more agile and responsive to the business. Straightforward, fast and uncomplicated are not the words that usually come to mind when the IT organization...

Automation and Machine Learning Help in Gaining Insights from Data
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Data is ubiquitous, and humans are creating data at an unprecedented rate. According to Forbes, humans created more data in the last two years than all of human history combined. Data is of the utmost importance for businesses, and it is essential...

Building a Startup Business Plan? Adopt These Five Measures
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Every startup entrepreneur needs to write down a business plan for their respective startups. A hard-copy plan is a must as it acts as a pre-start homework as crafting a business plan can assist in post-startup with much ease. The business plan is...

Smarter Investments for IT Modernization
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David Shive, CIO, GSA

CIOs are faced with an environment that demands modernization of our foundational IT infrastructure while also improving customer satisfaction. As executives and purveyors of technology, we are obligated now more than ever to make better choices...

5 Things Every CMO Wants Their CIO to Know
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Morag Lucey, CMO, Avaya

The reality of today’s digital, customer-centric world is clearer than ever, and it is significantly affecting the CIO and CMO. CIOs are now emerging as collaborative business partners with more customer-facing priorities; meanwhile, CMOs...

What's next in Business Analytics?
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Rich Clayton, VP of Business Analytics & Big Data Product Group, Oracle

We’re at an interesting moment of technological advancement today. It feels like there is barely time to digest the impact of  new annoucements before the next one has us scrambling to understand its impact on our business. And behind...

HR Tech Startup, meQuilibrium Raises $7 Million in Series C Funding
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A Boston, MA-based HR tech company, meQuilibrium raised $7m in Series C funding. The startup aims at providing behavioral and stress management solutions online. HLM Venture Partners led the round with participation from current investors...