Automated Note Taking Startup Augmedix Raises USD 19 Million in Series B Funding
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Augmedix provides clinicians with hardware, smartphone or Google Glass to securely stream the clinic visit to its cloud-based platform. After this, the tech-enabled remote specialists make use of proprietary automation modules to generate medical...

Medinas Closes $5M in Seed Funding Led by NFX, builds a Used Equipment Marketplace
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Medinas, an asset management company for hospitals, raises $5 Million for developing a platform for re-sale of Medical equipment.  FREMONT, CA: Medinas, an asset management company for hospitals, closes its oversubscribed seed funding...

Mental Healthcare Startup Octave Raises USD 11 Million in Series A
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As per reports, 5 per cent of adults experience a mental illness every year, equating to 43.8 million people. The need for a mental healthcare program like that of Octave has never been greater. The company addresses this problem by merely making...

Wearable Technology - The Future is Now
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Jim Lefevere, International Business Leader, Non-Insulin Therapy Solutions , Roche Diabetes Care

We have been riding the wave of emerging technology, data and ongoing disruptions for the last decade. Customers, or in this case, patients are now entitled. They have digital proficiency, increasing adoption of technology and most people are...

Life Sciences: Macro View
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Rajeev Nair, CTO, J. Knipper & Company

In Pharma, as R&D budgets come under heavy pressure, industry continues to be fraught with M&A aimed at product and patent acquisition. So integration continues to be a key concern to gain efficiencies and develop a single, unified...

Patient Centricity: The Changing Paradigm for Pharma
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Dr. Ammar Raza, Country Medical Director, Allergan

The way businesses are being run is changing. We can witness this change in every sector and every field and Healthcare is not an exception. We in healthcare are in the midst of a revolution: a move toward ‘patient-centeric’ care. One...

China Embracing Connected Health
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Geoff Feakes, Group CIO, Tunstall Healthcare

With almost 1.4 billion people, and an increasingly ageing population, China’s healthcare services are facing an enormous challenge. It is estimated that in the next 30 years, the proportion of China’s population over 65 will rise to...

How Digital Diagnostics are Changing Healthcare
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Sean Parsons, Founder and CEO, Ellume

The Importance of Accurate Tests to Good Medicine Despite advances in healthcare over recent decades, infectious diseases remain burdensome illnesses. Influenza kills more people in America than car accidents, tuberculosis kills over 5,000...

8 Key Technologies that Aid CIOs to Untap Their Business Potential Using Data Analytics
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Not only can data analytics tell the person if they are successful in their market, but will also provide insights into the ever evolving market trends FREMONT, CA: Data analytics is rapidly becoming the lifeblood of IT. Big data, machine...

Data Governance Is Relatively New To The Healthcare Industry
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William Phillips,SVP & CIO,University Health System

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2013 and expectations One of the largest challenges is to establish Data Governance in Healthcare. The new buzz word in health information technology is big data. You see many articles and...

RetinAI Raises $2.2 M Focusing on Growth and Expansion of Services
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Reduced time consumption and patient-friendly platform of RetinAI brings the organization closer to the market of the healthcare AI platform. FREMONT, CA: Swiss-based startup, RetinAI, a corporation that build software tools to aggregate,...

Industries at the Edge of Wearable Technology!
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Wearable technology is rapidly covering the global market to deliver seamless services across various industries.  FREMONT, CA: With emerging technology advances, the connected wearable ecosystem has significantly found its place...

The IT Agenda will Never Be Less Crowded Than IT is Today: Now is the Time for Mobile-First Transformation of Healthcare
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Patrick Hale, CIO and EVP, VITAS® Healthcare

When asked to describe their most pressing challenges, nearly every technology and IT department has similar responses: too many outstanding projects, ever-present backlogs, ever-growing demands, relentless roll-outs of new technologies, not...

Clinical Trial Technology: Drive Adoption with People
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Dawn Niccum, Sr Director, Quality Assurance & Compliance, inSeptionGroup

For those who remember the days of rotary dial phones and dot matrix printers, the changes in technology have been incredible. We now hold in the palm of our hand, more powerful computing power than what put man on the moon. Clinical drug...

Bringing Visibility Into the Healthcare Industry
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Steve Kiewiet, Ex-VP of Supply Chain, BJC HealthCare

Healthcare is in the business of saving lives, healing the sick, fixing the broken, curing diseases and improving the quality of life and life expectancy of our communities where we live and work. This tremendous task requires an enormous...

Top 6 Trends to Cure Healthcare Startup Problems in 2019
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FREMONT, CA: With the gradual addition of AI, Chatbots, and Robotics in various process of healthcare sector last year, the need for the update has set ablaze innovations. The availability of state-of-art technologies is overriding the risk...

Industrial Transformation with Big Data
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FREMONT, CA: Nearly 40 percent of the data in the world today depends upon the introduction of machine-to-machine information and sensors, which can affect different global enterprises such as customized medicines and carbon footprint. Big data...

Health at Scale brings ML to Healthcare
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FREMONT, CA: Health at Scale is a startup that, with masterminds who possess both engineering and medical proficiency, wants to bring machine learning (ML) to healthcare treatment plans and generate outcomes with better results and less aftercare....

Healthcare Revamped by Blockchain
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FREMONT, CA: Blockchain technology is the fundamental element behind cryptocurrency and has laid a supportive hand in other areas, including healthcare, in shifting towards a more patient-centric path. Quality healthcare services endorsed up with...

AI in Healthcare
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FREMONT, CA: Machine intelligence or artificial intelligence (AI) has a transformative power that resonates across many industries, but in one—healthcare—its impact is truly life-changing. From clinical research to hospital care, drug...