Leveraging GIS to Empower House Hunters in their Search
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Jeff McConathy, VP of Engineering of Consumer Services, Trulia, a part of Zillow Group [NASDAQ: Z]

GIS data can mean different things to different companies. Trulia uses GIS data to help consumers understand local information and empower them to make smart choices whether they are looking to buy or rent a home. When Trulia launched in 2005, the...

Mobile Technology, Cloud Services and Geographic Information: Improving the Effectiveness of Humanitarian Work
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Carol Bothwell, VP & CIO, Catholic Relief Services

The growing ubiquity of mobile networks spawns new ways to use technology in humanitarian work. Indeed, the combination of  mobile technology, cloud services, and geographic information offers us countless opportunities to improve the...

How GIS is Making Cities Smarter about Parks
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Breece Robertson, VP & the Director of Planning & Geographic Information Systems (GIS), The Trust for Public Land

City parks make an essential contribution to the health and wellbeing of residents and the resilience of the urban environment. But until recently, municipal officials and parks managers have had few ways to measure how well parks were meeting...

3D GIS-Making IT Work Harder than Ever
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Steve Bein, VP-GIS, Michael Baker International

A few years back, I took a trip from my office in Irvine, CA to the Desert Research Institute in Reno NV to explore opportunities for using Virtual Reality and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to map in realtime the progression of...

Importance of GIS in Building a Smart City
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Smart Cities can be defined as a data-driven environment aimed to provide sustainability, driven by information and communication technology along with the use of other disruptive technologies in multiple application scenarios. The...

Trends that are Framing Smart Cities
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A smart city is beneficial for the citizens because it brings remarkable advantages and opportunities that enable governments to face the challenges in the present world. Information and communication technology (ICT) plays a vital role in the...

Know Your Technology, Know Your Risk Protect Your Food
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Barbara Leach, Senior Advisor and Director-Risk Mitigation, USDA

In the big picture, Enterprise Risk Management must be understood as an all-inclusive risk-based approach embracing the wide range of government, business, and operations that bring value to consumers and stakeholders. In the past, this...

AQUASIGHT: Reimagining Water and Wastewater Utilities
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Mahesh Lunani, Founder & CEO

Specializes in real-time AI technology that automatically mines data from water meters, sensors, SCADA, process equipment, distribution and collection systems, and lab data