5 Benefits Insurance offers Startups
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As startups are more exposed to setbacks, insurance policies help them stay protected. FREMONT, CA: Setting up a business is not an easy task. Some might say that a startup starts with an idea. However, understanding the ideas is not an...

San Francisco Startup Motiv Power Systems Raises USD 60 Million
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Motiv is one of the market leaders for all-electric medium-duty chassis provider for busses and trucks. Vehicles powered by the company's EPIC chassis have accumulated over 750,000 real-world miles driven by various customers like Aramark,...

Becoming the First UK Bank to be Fully Cloud- Hosted
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Amir Nooriala, Chief Strategy Officer, OakNorth

Banking headlines over the last decade have been dominated by headlines showing customers unable to; access online accounts, make transfers or withdraw cash, due to incumbent banks’ legacy IT systems and cyber security vulnerabilities....

Greenlight Receives USD 54 Million in Series B Funding
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The financial tech startup offers debit cards for children that can be controlled by parents using the Greenlight App. Since its launch in 2017, the company has experienced rapid growth. FREMONT, CA: Atlanta based financial tech startup,...

Factors that Aid Smart City Innovations in the U.S. and Canada
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Reason for the development of Smart City innovations in the U.S and Canada are innumerable. The most important factors that are catalyzing the growth of smart cities are discussed FREMONT, CA: The U.S. and Canada are anointed as the ideal...

Flybits Raises $35M Series C, Boosting its Total Funding to $50M
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Dr. Hossein Rahnama, Founder and CEO

The funding will enable the data intelligence company to strengthen its foothold in EMEA, LATAM, and the U.S. FREMONT, CA:  The contextual data intelligence company, Flybits, recently raised $35 million in Series C funding round led...

Staying a breast of the Evolving Enterprise Communications Space
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Monique St. John, CTO & Security Officer, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

1. In the light of your experience what are the trends and challenges you’ve witnessed happening with respect to the telecom space? Traditional telecom has been evolving into a service branded unified communications (UC) system, which...

Taking the Right Technology Initiatives
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Jawahar Kaliani, Deputy CIO, Department of Treasury - Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) recently published a white paper, entitled “Supporting Responsible Innovation in the Federal Banking System: An OCC Perspective.” The paper describes the agency’s effort to...

Technologies Taking Insurance Sector to the Next Level of Performance
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FREMONT, CA: The role of technologies in rapidly transforming industries is now evident. The insurance industry is also witnessing a slew of innovations and changes which have made firms in this industry much more efficient and customer-centric....

The Unification of Emerging Technologies
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FREMONT, CA – With the emergence of new technologies, organizations are investing in artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and the cloud to drive innovation and productivity. AI-based applications are used to automate customer...

Artificial Intelligence In Higher Education
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Christopher Harrison, CTO, Nova Southeastern University

Over the last few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been gaining momentum across all industries and all spectrums of the world from consumer solutions such as Siri and Alexa leveraging Machine Learning to disruptive. technologies such...

How Cloud Technology is Making a Difference
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Steve Cox, VP of ERP & EPM GTM, Oracle

Please share a brief overview about the Cloud market And what are the trends shaping up and where are these leading to Cloud changes everything we know about business and IT, transforming how organizations run and how people work. Today we are...

AI and ML: Emerging Technologies to Tackle Financial Crime
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FREMONT, CA: With innovations taking hold, such as faster payments, the explosion of readily available data and the constantly changing regulatory landscape, staying ahead of financial crime and compliance risk is now more complicated and... hoists $1.5 Million in Seed Funding
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FREMONT, CA: The Canadian fintech company closed its deal with $1.5 million in seed funding, which was led by the Silicon Valley capital fund venture BreakawayGrowth, along with NEXT Canada and Techstars. develops AI-driven...

The New Wave of Technology
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Roman Trakhtenberg, CEO, Luxoft

Challenges in Technology We are the technology providers for enterprises, not sure whether we can comment on behalf of clients. “Furthermore, there has been a drastic shift in the mix between the apportionment of hardware and software...

Enterprise Digital Disruption - How Startups Can Win
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Cameron Borumand, Associate, Ignition Partners

We’re living in a transformative time in enterprise software. AWS and Azure continue to prove their cloud dominance which creates both opportunities and challenges for enterprise focused startups. On one hand, cloud hosting has led to an...

How are AR and VR adding new Dimensions to the Financial Realm?
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Excellent customer service is a priority in sectors that deal with money management, especially the financial industry that certainly plays an essential role in the global economy. Enterprises incorporate activities like lending, managing,...

Delivering User Centered Design (UCD) Strategies
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Raouf Carmi, VP, Product & Digital Transformation, Eagle Investment Systems (subsidiary of BNY Mellon)

Design best practices are imperative when thinking about mobile native, mobile web or a “hybrid” solution. Which strategy is best for your organization? One of the biggest challenges financial institutions have to continuously think...

Growing Dominance of AI in Various Business Industries
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The world is now dominated by artificial intelligence. AI coupled with the advances in the field of machine learning process and application is now a reality owing to higher and more powerful processing power. It also analyzes...

It is Everybody's Job: The Journey to Deliver Great Customer Experience
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Francesco Lagutaine, Chief Marketing & Experience Design Officer, Manulife Asia

Financial services, like others before it, are changing from a product and service industry to an experience industry. The difference is that in an experience economy the customer relationship starts long before the time of purchase. It starts...