Drone Racing League Debuts AI Powered Drones
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The Drone Racing League is streamed and televised and garners over tens of millions of viewers. The League also holds live events where fans can take part. In this year's championship, nine teams will face off against each other, competing at...

Precision Agriculture: Technology - Enabled Cropland Innovation
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FREMONT, CA: The agricultural industry is experiencing an increased adoption of modern technologies. The wave of digitalization has now reached agriculture, and stakeholders are introducing technology-backed methods to overcome long-standing...

Use of Drone Technology in Classroom
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Instilling drone technology in instruction for students will help in more engagement and better understanding. FREMONT, CA: The use of drone technology in the instruction can give learning a different meaning altogether, almost...

Next-Gen Sports with Technology Integration
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Nicholas Horbaczewski, Founder & CEO, Drone Racing League

Nicholas Horbaczewski founded the Drone Racing League (DRL), the global, premier drone racing circuit, in early 2015, and now supervises the growth, innovation in the development, and execution of technology. Drone Racing League publicly...

Agricultural Technology Making Farmers Smart
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Agriculture is the fundamental need of Human beings. The agricultural revolution is one of the main reasons for the formation of human civilizations. Growing food by ourselves granted us leisure time to pursue art and science, which ultimately...

Drone Hopper: Efficient Night Firefighting Drones
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Pablo Flores, CEO & Chairman

Drone Hopper is a drone manufacturer delivering an efficient technology that adapts to the conditions and needs required in the control of forest fires and the fumigation of crop fields. Leveraging Industry 4.0, the company design, manufacture,...

Why Are Agriculture Enterprises Embracing Uavs For Better Farming?
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Implementing agricultural drone technology, farmers get a better yield from their crops. FREMONT, CA: Many enterprises leverage drones for aerial surveillance or just for entertainment use, while the agricultural platform is gradually...