Techis Transforming Infrastructure Design And Us
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Stephen Haag, Chief Information Officer, HNTB CORPORATION

The discipline of designing and engineering infrastructures – such as roads, bridges, and buildings – is undergoing a dramatic transformation thanks to technological innovation across the industry. Ever-advancing 3D design tools may be...

3D Printing in Education: Coping with the Decline of Student Interest in Science
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Tan Hoang, 3Dponics Inc.

Science and innovation have always been the key drivers of a country's economic expansion. And while the U.S has historically been a leader in these fields, over the past few years, the lack of student interest in science, technology,...

Find out the Engineering Advances in Industry 4.0
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FREMONT, CA – The innovative technologies of Industry 4.0 have revolutionized the manufacturing sector, augmenting operational processes, computational workflows, and engineering design tools. The digital transformation facilitated by the...

The Social Drive of Retail
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Gene Ku, Chairman, Mobovida, LLC

This article is for any brand or organization producing a physical product or consumer good open to the possibility of exploring a new possible paradigm shift in the product development and marketing process. With the seismic shift in retail in...

Using Machine Learning Technology to Predict Additive Manufacturing Errors
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Additive manufacturing (AM) has opened up new possibilities for manufacturing functional parts and objects with reduced costs and time. In future AM can be used by astronauts to produce required tools and parts in outer space. In medical sciences,...

New Industrial Revolution Fueled By Technology Convergence
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Mitch Free, Founder & CEO,

Manufacturing is what created wealth and built America into one of the greatest countries in the world. Manufacturing creates sustainable jobs and is the backbone of our ability to defend ourselves as a nation. It seems common sense that a...

Where is the Future of 3D Printing Heading in Textile?
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Seth Pychewicz, CTO, ZIP Fit Denim

We live in an age where the trendy reality of skinny jeans won’t die out anytime soon; and, the reality of purchasing apparel online is a growing trend. Technological innovation has and will continue to change the way consumers purchase,...

Strata: Augmented & Virtual Reality without Programming – Strata Builds AR/VR Platforms
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John Wright, CEO

Provides white labeled AR and VR platforms that can be tailor-made according to its clients’ requirements