Staying a breast of the Evolving Enterprise Communications Space
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Monique St. John, CTO & Security Officer, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

1. In the light of your experience what are the trends and challenges you’ve witnessed happening with respect to the telecom space? Traditional telecom has been evolving into a service branded unified communications (UC) system, which...

Technology Revolution and the Changing Role of CIOs
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Michael T. McManamon, CIO, Cleveland Sight Center

The Next Generation Technological Revolution One of the biggest challenges we face as an organization is the continuation and expansion of the ‘shadow it’ department. Technology has become not just accepted in the workplace but has...

Re-tool Wisely!
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Gregory R. Wolf, CIO, UMass Medical School

For hundreds of years, medical schools have educated doctors, nurses, biomedical researchers and health professionals in time honored traditions. Today, medical schools form the nucleus of Academic Medical Centers where clinicians,...

Navigating Through the Technology Landscape of the Construction Sector
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Jon Witty, VP & GM, Sage Construction and Real Estate

Most construction companies don’t roll out the red-carpet when it comes to making big investments in information technology. In fact most construction companies will invest in almost anything else, especially if it can be charged to a job....

SMACC-The Human Side
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Larry Schachter, VP, IT, CompassRock Real Estate

Most readers of this publication will be familiar with “SMAC” – Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud; considered the current areas of focus in technology. My spelling above is not incorrect. Instead, it adds another critical and...

Cloud-Based LMSs Are here to Change E-Learning
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Today, many companies are moving their core processes to the cloud. With technological advancement, the world of e-learning has also progressed, making the effectiveness and convenience of Learning Management System (LMS) more beneficial to...

Leveraging m-Learning in Enterprises
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Mobile technology is one of the advances that has been increasingly used by most people today. The smartphones and the internet have enabled people to learn about unknown factors in various sectors. In order to educate information seeker, many...

Next-Gen Wireless Trends Every CIO Needs to Know
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Dr. Derek Peterson, CTO, Boingo Wireless

Global IT spending will reach $3.7 trillion in 2018, up 4.5 percent from 2017, as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain drive growth, according to Gartner. At the center of new innovations impacting the...

Utilizing Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing in IT Roadmap
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Chad Leverenz, Vice President, Information Technology, Mercy Housing

What does your roadmap entail? What outcomes are you targeting? The following are outcomes for the typical IT roadmap utilizing Microsoft Azure enterprise cloud computing: 1. The demise of LANs and corporate client VPNs: Local Area...

Cloud Computing Provides Excellent Opportunities
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Lynne B Briggs, CIO, BloodCenter of Wisconsin

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2013 and expectations Meeting Enterprise needs certainly depends on the status of the enterprise, and when we look at  technology we look at several different layers from network and...

IT Leaders Must Look in the Mirror
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Jim DuBois, Corporate Vice President and CIO, Microsoft Corporation

I haven’t met with a CIO yet who isn’t managing a team and organization through a rapidly changing landscape, and who see new opportunities and new competitive threats on a regular basis. The phenomenal acceleration in the pace of...

Integrating Data from Wearable Devices for a More Intelligent Business
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Scott Coles, CEO, Optalert

The world today is full of data. Increasingly that data is being generated from the emerging array of wearable technology devices now entering the business domain. The coming year will see a rapid acceleration of the use of wearables into the...

CyberSwarm: First of its Kind Hardware-Based Security
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Mihai Raneti, CEO

CyberSwarm is developing a CPU specialized for cyber security which empowers every device to defend itself in case of a cyber attack