Know How Applications of AI Transform E-Commerce
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AI plays a huge role in increasing the overall revenue of the E-commerce sector as well as its development. The crucial factors that influenced the upgrade and popularization of the technology are mentioned in the article Fremont, CA:...

Factors that Aid Smart City Innovations in the U.S. and Canada
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Reason for the development of Smart City innovations in the U.S and Canada are innumerable. The most important factors that are catalyzing the growth of smart cities are discussed FREMONT, CA: The U.S. and Canada are anointed as the ideal...

8 Key Technologies that Aid CIOs to Untap Their Business Potential Using Data Analytics
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Not only can data analytics tell the person if they are successful in their market, but will also provide insights into the ever evolving market trends FREMONT, CA: Data analytics is rapidly becoming the lifeblood of IT. Big data, machine...

The Data Driven World
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Alex Pettit, CIO, State of Oregon

We live in a data driven world, where big data is being generated by every digital process, systems, gadgets, and sensors around us. Organizations and government agencies are adopting advanced data analytics strategy to derive real-time insights...

Keeping up with the Dynamic World
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Dan Bentzinger, CIO, MIQ Logistics

The Impact of Cloud It has been our long standing belief that software should be provided through a browser or mobile device. The savings are undeniable. Unlike the old days, each participant is no longer required to purchase, configure, and...

Innovating to Cut Costs For Mortgage Lenders, Save Time and Money for Borrowers, and Expand the Availability of Credit
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Andy Higginbotham, Chief Operating Officer, Single-Family, Freddie Mac

“Big Data” is the buzz phrase in the business world. For the mortgage industry, responsible capture and analysis of data can uncover hidden patterns that reveal key insights that can be beneficial to the industry, its regulators, and...

Visualizing Big Data to get the Big Picture
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Stephen Skinner, CIO, First Team Real Estate

The exponential growth of big data has led to significant challenges when it comes to finding meaning hidden within the patterns of large, unstructured datasets. By placing data into a visual context, data visualization technologies have the...

The Rising Tide of Technologies
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Bill Kloster, CIO, SEH

Exploiting Big Data The construction companies embracing the reality that readily accessible and usable data provides business value are better positioned to compete and grow. Here are a few ways construction companies can leverage expansive...

4 Startup Trends to Reap Benefits in 2019
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FREMONT, CA: The year 2018 left many forecasts about the trends that startups in 2019 will bring before our eyes. The global startup ecosystem has witnessed tremendous growth over recent years, and that had well mirrored in every sector, as each...

Why Open Data Is Becoming Important to Medical Industry CIOs
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Merle Symes, CEO, Graematter

CIOs have been very focused in recent years on the explosion of Big Data -mas­sive amounts of data being generated in­ternally or flowing into the organization. What has received less attention is the more recent emergence of Open Data....

Know About What You are Exposed To!
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Almost every data is either stored or passed through the network-related channels that can increase the potential for a major concession. The high risk is just a result of digital-heavy and internet-reliant operations in the contemporary world...

Benefits of Big Data Bringing Adaptive Learning in Schools
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A vast quantity of information is stored, managed, and used by educational organizations to assess learners and assist them. Collecting and analyzing this substantial information can increase the digitization and effectiveness of school education....

Big Data Also Has a Role to Play during Disasters
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Human population is increasing daily and with it, disasters are also on the rise. Big Data and robotics can aid in relief management processes through statistical data and battling hazardous environments.      ...

Why Data Science Also needs Behavioral Experts
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Technology and data can make companies act smarter but human sciences and behavior will differentiate them from the rest making change and transformation easier. FREMONT, CA: The time when data science and Big Data were just...

Cities Get Smarter to Make Our Lives Easier
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Cities continually need to reorganize their policies on urban living and maintenance. In that deference, they also have to reflect on offering services that will influence citizens' behavior in terms of livelihood. FREMONT, CA: Many...

Who Runs Retail? The Machines
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Michelle Grant, Head of Retailing, Euromonitor International

The arrival of Big Data and the ability to process it have led to improvements in machine learning, creating new use cases for this technology. As a result, machine learning, algorithms that execute tasks without preprogrammed rules, has become a...

From Robotics to Big Data, What the Future Holds for Manufacturing
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Karl Rosenblum, Global Head Manufacturing & Risk Strategy, Alcon

One of my favorite quotes by science fiction writer William Gibson is, “The future is here, it’s just unevenly distributed.” When looking across new developments in manufacturing technologies, this sentiment seems to hold truth,...

Open Source Platform and Big Data: A Permanent Partnerships
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The open source platforms are more user-friendly, have flexible schemes to choose before adoption and other advantages that have caught the eye of many companies. FREMONT, CA: The platforms utilized for running big data are mostly conundrum....

3 Eye-Catching Features of Big data Might be the Real Problem
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Big data has caught the attention of business owners as a lucrative technology. But, has it been fully understood? As common features of Big data are resulting in increased expenses and decrementing the quality of the company.  FREMONT,...

Improving Economy with Data driven Analytics
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Data value depends on their ultimate use, and coral reefs are evolving to help companies catch that value. FREMONT, CA: In the latest years, data analytical capacities have created a leap forward. The quantity of accessible information has...