Cloud Computing and Serverless Computing Working Together
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Serverless computing is the biggest hit of the year in the cloud. Computing domain has conveyed it all in detail FREMONT, CA: Serverless computing is a central architecture model in which the code execution is managed as a whole by a cloud...

Nightfall AI Breaking Silence to Launch Its Cloud-native Data Loss Prevention Platform
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Nightfall raises $20.3 Million in a round led by Bain Capital Ventures and Venrock Co-Lead Investment. FREMONT, CA: The IT Industry's first cloud-native data loss prevention platform by Nightfall AI made a debut with the funding worth $20.3...

Becoming the First UK Bank to be Fully Cloud- Hosted
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Amir Nooriala, Chief Strategy Officer, OakNorth

Banking headlines over the last decade have been dominated by headlines showing customers unable to; access online accounts, make transfers or withdraw cash, due to incumbent banks’ legacy IT systems and cyber security vulnerabilities....

Like a Bridge over Troubled Water: An Easier Cloud for Driving Digital Transformation
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Swen Conrad,CEO,Ocean9, Inc

When it comes to digital transformation, today’s companies face a dilemma. With open source solutions like Hadoop and Spark, effective and scalable cloud-based architectures, and innovative business models, new entrants can seize market...

IoT and Increasing Business Value
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A huge number of gadgets are currently connected to the internet. Even the internet also drives our household goods. The concept of' Internet of Things (IoT)' is also rapidly advancing, extending horizons for various industries such...

Databricks Raises $250 Million in Series E Funding to Boost its Data Analytics Platform
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Databricks, a San Francisco, CA-based data analytics company secures $250 million in series E funding round to expand its engineering development team, bolster its EMEA and APAC market presence, and improve customer support in financial services,...

Embracing the Perks of Cloud Computing
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Yaron Turpaz, Ph.D., MBA, CIO, Human Longetivity, Inc.

Human Longevity, Inc. was launched in March 2014 with a mission to transform healthcare and accelerate the practice of personalized, preventive healthcare via detailed and comprehensive genomics analysis and risks assessment, in...

The Impact of APIs in the SaaS industry
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Dr. Patrick Desbrow, Ed.D. - CIO and VP of Engineering, Crownpeak

The Software as a Service (SaaS) industry has been evolving over the last 15 years. Today, we take it for granted that consumers and business professionals rely on commercial software products hosted in the cloud and priced as a subscription...

Enterprise Digital Disruption - How Startups Can Win
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Cameron Borumand, Associate, Ignition Partners

We’re living in a transformative time in enterprise software. AWS and Azure continue to prove their cloud dominance which creates both opportunities and challenges for enterprise focused startups. On one hand, cloud hosting has led to an...

Industrial Scientific Blazes a Trail in IoT
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David DiLeo, CIO, Industrial Scientific Corporation

Company Transformation: IoT Beginnings Industrial Scientific Corporation was founded in 1985 and quickly established itself as a world leader in gas detection through its world class sensing technology, dependable gas detection equipment, and...

Cloud Computing Transforming HPC
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Cloud-based High-Performance Computing (HPC) has wholly changed HPC. The change is profoundly impacting the medical community and the HPC supercomputer centers. One of the fastest and the most powerful computers at any U.S university has...

Smart City-Smart Re-Invention
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Joe Iannello, VP & CIO, Capital Metro

The most successful companies in recent times have re-invented themselves. Consider Apple, Google, and Amazon, just to name a few of the most famous. Apple began business selling computers in 1976. More than 30 years later, in 2007, Apple...

Software Defined Networking: Why IT Executive can't Underestimate the Importance of their Digital Plumbing
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Rick Drescher, MD, Technical Services, Savills Studley

The sheer number of infrastructure, platform and software as a service options available to companies has never been greater, and the velocity of new services becoming available shows no signs of slowing down. While each company must evaluate...

Understanding the Prospects of Cloud Technology
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Ramin Beheshti, CPTO, Dow Jones

There’s no doubt that the cloud has transformed the entire news and information industry. Nearly every piece of transformative technology both in the enterprise and for consumers has in some way been enabled or accelerated by the emergence...

Speed is the Name of the Game
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Meerah Rajavel, CIO, Forcepoint

1. How has your IT operating model in cloud changed during the last five years? As a security company, we have been thoughtfully embracing cloud over the past five years. For me the big shift is going from “Why cloud” to “Why...

5 Challenges Facing StartUps in 2018
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Ronen Nir, General Partner, Viola Ventures

We’ve seen the lists of the biggest successes of 2017 and the best opportunities for 2018, but what publications tend to leave out is the equally important view of the biggest challenges. As any startup CEO or entrepreneur in the tech space...

Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Network Security?
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Jeffrey W Brown, CSIRO, BNY Mellon

Cyber attacks have become more sophisticated, happen faster and cause more business disruption than ever before. Preventative tools like anti-virus and IDS, have not kept pace. Not by a long shot. This is a problem, because if we are not going to...

5 Challenges Facing Start-Ups in 2018
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Ronen Nir, General Partner at Viola Ventures

We’ve seen the lists of the biggest successes of 2017 and the best opportunities for 2018, but what publications tend to leave out is the equally important view of the biggest challenges. As any startup CEO or entrepreneur in the tech space...

The Cloud-First Approach
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Arjun Chopra, Partner, Floodgate

Could you give me an overview of the types of opportunities you pursue as a Partner at Floodgate? I believe that the public cloud represents a generational platform shift that has delivered not only the fastest growing enterprise software...

The Rise of Software
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Ann Winblad, Co Founder, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners

At the end of the second quarter of 2017, of the top ten most valuable public companies seven were tech companies while five were software companies (see graphic below). These five companies represented close to $3 trillion in market cap. Apple...