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New Connections in the Internet of Things: How AgTech is Inspiring and Acting on the Need for More Flexible IoT Systems

New Connections in the Internet...

Imagine the toil of history’s first indoor farmers, whose labor was spent manually adjusting lights.

Explosive Growth of AgTech Sector Boosts Global Fresh Food Supply

Explosive Growth of AgTech...

Farming is easy, said no one ever; and today, farming is even more complex.

NLP: Then, Now, and What I Hope is Coming

NLP: Then, Now, and What I Hope...

Google Trends also shows the popularity of “NLP” search to have doubled in the last five years.

The Benefits of Bringing Artificial Intelligence to High Performance Computing

The Benefits of Bringing...

Using deep learning to make personalized promotions and improve customer service is a good place to start.

How GIS is Making Cities Smarter about Parks

How GIS is Making Cities Smarter about Parks

Decisions about park locations, funding, staffing, features, and amenities were based on instinct, observation, anecdote, and occasional park-use surveys.

Smarter Transportation Solutions can Start Today

Smarter Transportation Solutions can Start Today

For these new technologies to succeed, every actor in the transportation sector will need to commit to experimentation, collaboration, and innovation.

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