Why the Energy Industry Needs More Hikers and Weather Forecasters

Why the Energy Industry Needs...

As the head of IT for the energy company that powers California’s Silicon Valley, I need to make sure I’m at the top of my game to keep the lights on and...

Say No to

Say No to "No" and Be Open to...

While I have been involved in water utilities most of my career, taking the helm of the largest special water district utility in Oregon is new for me....

The New Tech Frontier for Utilities

The New Tech Frontier for Utilities

In today’s day and age, we’re all immersed in a world bursting with technology. The phones in our pockets are essentially mini computers....

Smart Innovation in a Time of Turmoil

Smart Innovation in a Time of Turmoil

It is best if you set the goal in relation to the cost/benefit involved to allow it to scale more easily (remember, you or your team might want solutions that are cheap, fast, and good, but you should pick two).

Don't turn down

Don't turn down "down turn" money

The travel industry in which I work has been understandably turbulent as of late. As the corporate venture capital (CVC) arm of JetBlue Airways, JetBlue Technology Ventures (JTV)

Prediction 2021