Why Startups Are Attempting To Dismantle Craigslist?

By StartUp City | Friday, November 30, 2018

In spite of Craiglist’s unappealing design, its team has constructed a worthwhile organization that has almost displaced traditional classifieds. Craigslist is the default website of preference to discover an apartment, buy used cars, and even find jobs.

However no organization is perfect, and Craigslist’s weaknesses come in the form of scams, misuse, privacy, and that lurking feeling of anxiety you always get proper earlier than meeting the person behind the anonymous email address.

Nowadays, startups, subsidized by means of deep-pocketed venture capital firms, are trying to take at the stubborn flip phone of the classifieds industry piece by piece.

Playing off of the idea that growing, mobile-powered millennials and Generation Z purchasers are looking for simplicity, security, and smartphone accessibility, numerous startups have emerged in the classifieds and second-hand goods space with design teams and engineers in tow. But in place of constructing a brand new shape of craigslist entirely, many have centered on carving out a piece of craigslist’s complete marketplace.

A number of those startups consist of Glassdoor and Monster (acquired by RandStad for $429 million) which are popular apps for job searches; TaskRabbit and Handy for services; and Apartment List, Zillow, and Radpad for the housing industry.

With startups building selling experiences that offer automation and design improvements, Craigslist’s humble beginnings have defined its road to success. If individuals just want an app that gets the job done, Craigslist is alive and well.