The Business Implications of Piezoelectrics in IoT Industry

By StartUp City | Friday, April 12, 2019

Utilization of the Internet of Things(IoT) has gained momentum with the proliferation of phones, laptops, and other smart devices. These devices help businesses in gathering an enormous amount of data for analysis. Many business organizations have started implementing IoT technology to improve the efficiency of their business processes and applications.

The biggest challenge to IoT implementation is the availability of power. Researchers are striving to utilize every ounce of power from batteries to increase the lifespan of a device.

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Piezoelectrics can be used to generate piezoelectricity, which can be an ideal alternative for businesses.  Piezoelectricity is the electric charge that accumulates in some of the materials like crystals when mechanical stress is applied to them. The research wing of various IoT companies is trying to leverage piezoelectric effects to generate piezoelectricity that can keep the devices charged while the user is on the move with the device. The energy harvesting through Piezoelectric crystals helps companies to convert mechanical energy into alternating electric current, which will allow businesses to power wireless IoT devices. Researchers are also striving to use solar power and thermoelectric elements to harvest energy to power IoT devices.

Piezoelectrics can have broad business implications. Many companies use piezoelectrics in areas like keyless entry systems, vibrating video game controllers, and audio components of smoke alarms. Piezoelectric sensors can be used in IoT streetlights to optimize power consumption. The sensors can turn off the streetlights when the area has no traffic, as it can detect vehicle movements. The piezoelectric sensors can also be used in smart speakers for voice recognition. The sensor can transform the voice data input into a signal, which can be coupled with machine learning algorithms to process the signal for voice recognition.

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Although the introduction of piezoelectrics in IoT devices is still in its embryonic stages, it has the potential to transform businesses.