Sports Industry is Taking a Leap with Drone Technology

StartUp City | Monday, April 05, 2021

Additional and unique features make drones a significant aspect in future sports broadcasting industry.  

FREMONT, CA: Once created as a futuristic concept toy, the drone technology is being mistaken as an innovative facade by skeptics. However, the technological wizards consider the unmanned automated flight devices as one of the key achievements of digitization. From monitoring construction to surveying disaster sites, drone technology is continuously progressing towards reshaping the traditional industrial norms. One such sector to come into the limelight is the sporting industry, which is not only planning to integrate drones in live events but also searching for techniques to improve the quality of drones.  

The conversation about changing the traditional single frame approach to broadcast sporting events sparked the idea of undertaking drones to widen the horizon of the sporting world. With the integration of drones in live sporting events, every movement of individual athletes can be easily tracked. The pictorial stability offered by remote movements eliminates the hindrance of frame rates, which enables the broadcaster to achieve higher resolutions shots.

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Usually, sports involve continuous body movements making it extremely challenging for the cameraman to match the flow of athlete’s body frequency. The divergence of transparent actual with motion blurred digital lowers the experience of sports buffs. However, with personalized drones developed to achieve any frequency can capture definitive visuals which are otherwise hard to detect with standby cameras.

Recently broadcasters and even teams are employing drones to cover important events. Additionally, by bending the physical limitations of traditional cameras, the drones can cover multiple viewing angles all with a single device. By discarding the use of various cameras to record multiple views, the broadcasting companies are lowering the value of production, which in turn is increasing the profit of the company. The addition of panoramic visualization caused by hovering increases the efficiency of sport telecasters. Previously, to cover sporting events involving a variety of geographical distances like golf, marathons, and cross-country races, the team of podcasters have to rent helicopters or choppers to give a sense of the course, but with the inclusion of drones, this process becomes not only comfortable but also very efficient. The overview effect achieved by drones has catalyzed a sense of excitement, which was previously missing from the age-old methodology. 

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