Oncology software startup Radformation raises $1.6 million to automate cancer treatment workflows

StartUp City | Friday, November 30, 2018

Radformation, a NYC-based stepping stone oncology software company, ended $1.6m in seed financing. 

The round was driven by Brooklyn Bridge Ventures and a group angel investors.
Reformation, an early-stage oncology software company that works with state of the art radiation gear, reported the end of $1.6 million in seed round financing drove by Brooklyn Bridge Ventures and a gathering  of successful angel investors. Revenue will be utilized to procure more software developers to work out its quickly developing products offering and add to its sales and service group to help its developing list of clinical customers in the United States and abroad. 

"I was super impressed with their business traction for such a young company--especially given that no one on the team had a sales background," offered Charlie O'Donnell, Partner at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures. "Their industry knowledge and experience gave them extremely good insight into what oncology clinics needed and wanted, and they've been exceptional about closing new sales given such a small team."

"The increased complexity of radiation cancer treatments has led to an increase in the number of ways for clinicians to make mistakes in the cancer clinic as well as an increase in the amount of time it takes to create a patient treatment plan," said Kurt Sysock, co-founder and CEO of Radformation who previously worked at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.

Over $150 billion is spent yearly on cancer medications and treatments in the United States alone and cancer accounts for 1 in each 7 passings around the world. Radformation use clinical prescribed procedures and advanced algorithms to mechanize the error checking and design generation procedure to make the most astounding quality plans conceivably. In this way, Radformation enables clinics provide their patients with optimal treatments and avoid patient harm. The software is compatible with an extensive variety of cancer treatment sites, and creates optimal treatment plans in minutes, facilitating a procedure that used to expect hours to perform.

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